Bad Songs #4: "Rape" by Peter Wyngarde

His name might not be familiar to most Americans, but Peter Wyngarde was a household name at the end of the 1960s.  He played the immensely popular Jason King on TV (in Department S and the Jason King spin-off), a foppish ladykiller - sort of a cross between James Bond and Oscar Wilde.  Mike Myers borrowed Wyngarde's dandy sense of fashion for his Austin Powers character - the bushy hair, frilly sleeves and velvet coats.

It is beyond bizarre that in 1970, at the height of his fame, Peter Wyngarde would release one of the strangest albums in history. Considered offensive, it was yanked from UK shelves within hours of its release and didn't resurface into popular culture until the 1990s.

Wyngarde could have easily made a mint on some easy listening stuff, as most British celebs of his caliber were wont to do.  No, sir. Wynarde (aka Petunia Winegum, as he was known in the gay community) recorded such "radio friendly" tracks as "Rape" and "Hippie and the Skinhead" which contained such lovely lyrics as this:
Billy was a queer, pilly, sexy Hippy,
He wore gear - frilly, hairy, zippy.
Mohair in the winter, less hair in the summer.
His Mac was black, scarf immaculate -
Tied loosely (knots interfered with promiscuity!)  
Say what? The whole album is like a descent into madness.  Not the cool kind of madness like Syd Barrett, Lou Reed or Bowie.... more like Monty Python, but not funny.

I'd love to provide you with the entire album, but I think it's currently for sale on Amazon, so I'd probably get flagged pretty quickly. Instead, I'll post one particularly bad track from the 1970 LP called "Rape".  Don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. I need to own this record.

  2. The PW is a very flaky affair - although I do have a soft spot for the intro and Neville Thumbcatch.

    On the subject of singing detectives - Linda Thorson (The Avengers) and Caroline Munro (Bond and Hammer Horror) have made some swinging sixties pop nuggets. And David McCallum's instrumental albums are worth a wallop.

  3. OMG, this is insanity, pure and simple.
    Thanks a bunch for sharing this!
    I'll never be able to to look at Jason king the same way again:))

  4. Ming: Klytus, I'm BOOOOOOORED. What pleasure can you offer me today?

    Klytus: raperaperaperape...

  5. For X-Men fans he's the template for Jason Wyngarde who mind rapes Jean Grey so she becomes Dark Phoenix !

    Both Claremont & Byrne who kids in England & Canada

  6. Man, that was strange....even by 70s standards.

    I think it's safe to say that neither Ed Sullivan, Lawrence Welk, Glen Campbell, Andy Williams, Dean Martin, Laugh In or the Hollywood Palace ever considered having this cat guest on their show.

  7. This song is a little bit of fabulous!
    I may just listen again... dig that 70's brass.
    He looks familiar to me from another movie/show.
    Pete's got a Charles Bronson meets Vincent Price thing going on. Anyone else see it?

  8. I've been accused of sharing some nightmare-inducing stuff but WOW!! Nothing I've ever shared on any of my sites is even in the same league as Kltus singing "Rape!" Congratulations Gilligan, you've officially outsleazed me for all-time with this one!

    (And now I must run right out and buy the CD!)

  9. He was Number 2 in the Prisoner episode Checkmate.

  10. Worst thing I've ever heard and ever hope to hear. OMG...

  11. The music was pretty interesting but the vocal track is offensive on many levels. A song about rape is offensive enough but then all the ethnic slurs sends it over the top.

  12. I never knew anything about this guy except that whenever I saw him on shows there just seemed to be something wrong. He was never hip. It was always faux hip. Always a little off. I could never put my finger on it and now I know I wouldn't want to.

  13. Outstandingly awful! Love ya Retrospace..

  14. Well, the song has a groovy start and sounds pretty good until he starts singing.

    Talk about offensive...Italian rape, Japanese rape, and let's not forget French rape: "In France the women are a little more seedy, and rape is hardly ever necessary." Wow.

  15. I LOVE his version of "Neville Thumbcatch" and the spoken intro to "Rape" on the LP is pretty cool in a cheezy way. The back cover features a pic of him looking like he's pissing on a wall where all the song titles are scrawled in grafitti. Poor Peter, as a heart throb to women in the U.K. 70's he was, unfortunately "nicked for importuning in a men's public convenience", long before George Michael, and that pretty much ruined his chances for further stardom as a sex symbol...(among women anyway).

  16. I have this CD...it's an acquired taste.

  17. When Sex Leers It's Inquisitive Head is a truly brilliant piece of work and not to be taken too seriously. Every time I play this, it brings a smile to my face.
    The track 'Rape' is not meant to offend anyone, just a tongue-in-cheek !