Mini Skirt Monday #40: Needleworked Minis

I've been on a sort of crochet kick lately; the yarn craze of the early seventies was just phenomenally bad. For a few years, everything was made of yarn - the handmade look was in. Everything from bathing suits to sweater vests to toilet seat covers was knitted. Needlework wasn't just for old ladies anymore.

Yes, even the guys were getting in on the action. (For more on this, see a previous post When Yarn Was Manly) Celebs were also jumping on the needlework bandwagon- most notably, football player Roosevelt "Rosie" Greer. He even published a book on the subject. Guys like Arte Johnson (Laugh-In) and Sergio Aragones (MAD magazine - see image below) also came out of the closet as passionate knitters.

But this is a Miniskirt Monday post, so I'll refrain from further elaboration and get to the minis. Here's a gallery of crochet miniskirts for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

(Yes, that's Susan Dey)


  1. Most of the skirts are knit, not crocheted. They are cool none the less.

  2. Well if Laurie Partridge liked it then that's good enough for me.

    The girl at the dock with the little boy isn't exactly standing in the most comfortable looking pose I have ever seen in my life.

  3. The 60s were truly an amazing epoch. I suspect that most, if not all, of the fashion designers of the time were neck deep in Grace Slickian hard drugs.

  4. Is the third model down after the jump Cheryl Tiegs?

  5. If I went fishing with her, my rod would be straight and I would reel her in!