Music Sharing (Part One): The Trials and Tribulations of Posting Music in a Blog

I apologize up front for bringing the room down a moment with an unabashed non-retro rant; but I feel the need to let loose for a moment about embedding music in blog posts.

I understand that Blogger and other blog providers don't have any desire to make it easy to steal share music, but I didn't expect it to be this horrible! Music is an integral part of our pop culture history, so I feel the need to share songs now and then.... and it's been an unpleasant experience all the way around.

Recently, I put up a mix tape of some acid rock songs from the 60s and 70s.  Well, that download link is now dead. I suppose I could restore it, but I'm too pissed at the moment.  Read my sad and painful experience with posting music and you'll see why (preferably with some sad violin music playing in the background).  I'll use one of my favorite 70s rock songs  "Hey, Little Girl" by Mahogany Rush to illustrate.


I started by using IMEEM to stick songs on a blog. They were the first to make a player which you could embed in a blog post.  Unfortunately, the players became eyesores with tons of ads. Plus, the links would spontaneously die. Then, four months ago IMEEM sold out to MySpace for a measley $1 million and is now a distant memory.

2. edublogs.tv

Then I decided to try edublogs. You simply upload your song and embed the player. It couldn't be easier.  Unfortunately, your songs appear to have a link life of 2 months before they're dead.

If you're reading this post two months after April 2010, I'll bet that song does not play for you.

3. beemp3.com

Once again, it's easy to use but the player is ugly as sin, and the links are anything but permanent.

4. Rapidshare.com

I thought I'd finally figured it out with this one. I just uploaded my files to Rapidshare and got a mp3 player to embed.

Looks nice, and it's easy... but there's a downside.  For one, Rapidshare is something like $20 for 6 months, and it'll cost you to have the "trafficshare" option to make it easy for people to download and listen to. 

For another, Rapidshare is responsible for killing my link to the 70s acid rock mixtape I mentioned earlier.  In other words, your links aren't safe there.  Rapidshare is widely used, but it's also notorious for killing perfectly good links.

5. divshare.com

 This is what I'm currently working with, and I have high hopes.  Perhaps, I'm setting myself up for another disappointment, but it looks promising.

Blip and Lala are also possiblities out there, but I don't think you can embed Blip in Blogger (correct me if I'm wrong), and I haven't had a chance to play much with Lala.

I have a couple requests:

1) If you have some advice on posting mp3s, I would very much appreciate it.  Perhaps there's some wonderful way to do it that I am unaware of.

2) If you want to tell me to go to hell for posting mp3s in the first place - this is depriving musicians their livelihood, etc. please save it, for now.  My very next post will be on music sharing....  that would be a much better venue to set me straight.  I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. I feel your pain - sharing a single song is surprisingly complicated these days because everybody's so afraid of getting sued -- or looking for new ways to make money. For posting songs to my blog, I'm decently happy with Tumblr's facilities to do so -- example at http://purr.superhappykittymeow.com/post/238641086/nutley-brass-i-want-to-be-sedated . Simple player, no adverts, and obviously the files persist (at least for 5 months and counting); however, they have limitations of 10mb max size and 1 mp3 a day. Fine with my posting habits, but I could see issues with yours (not a criticism -- keep it up!)

    Best of luck and I'm interested to see what you end up using!

  2. They killed your acid rock link? That's amazing. It's not like those songs were making a lot of money for the bands. If anything, you posting them would cause some old-fashioned person like me to buy the CD. I don't trust MP3s to be around in 10 years, I like to have the physical item.

    I've tried Lala, and just ran across another, Grooveshark.com, that has a "share" link, but haven't created an account there to see how it works.

    The best answer is to pay for your own server space.

  3. Gilligan, I wanted to share my dad's music when I first started my "online journal" in 2006, and I've used DivShare from the get-go.

    I have 4 of his songs (each in a separate embedded player) under his publicity photo, other than having to reload them in 2007 when they did a system upgrade (and admitted to losing a lot of files), haven't had any issues.

    (You're not required to log into the account regularly either. I don't think I've logged onto DivShare once in 2 years.)

    Sounds like you're finally on the right track! :)

  4. The woman in the photo looks like she has just (ahem) manually relieved herself.

  5. I've used sendspace (http://www.sendspace.com/) before. I put up a zip containing some songs about a month ago and it still works just fine and it's free.

  6. Shhhhh. You can create a movie of sorts (still image of an album cover for the entire duration if you want) add the MP3 file. Upload to Vimeo and then embedd.

    has worked for me.


  7. I may be wrong, but I'm sure that Rapidshare only delete files that have been reported to them as not being bona-fide.

  8. Great advice. Much appreciated.
    Krantor - What does that mean "not being bona fide"?

    apachedoug- Glad to hear I'm on the right track with divshare. I have a good feeling about it.

  9. I'm using divshare and have had no issues....yet. I'm not going to pay for more server space so once I fill my alotment, I'll delete and start over. Then again, my blog doesn't have NEAR the readership yours does... If some record exec is fishing for people who are posting things that would be considered copyrighted, I'm not even on their radar.... Feel free to help me out by adding me to your list of "links-u-love"! Thanks!

  10. Divshare has always worked for me. I've been using it for ages. Can't recommend them enough. They also seem to give you the most for free. 5 Gig of storage space is pretty good. I've only ever had one thing deleted for copyright reasons and, fair enough, it was still available on CD, I just hadn't done my homework. I'm finding that a good way around the copyright thing is by turning your "mix tapes" into "podcasts". Not much different really, but podcasts seem to be looked on as more like radio shows. Anyone can do one. You can apparently play whatever you want and even upload them to itunes where people can download them for free.