Obscure Grooves #2: Space Age Disco

I can think of no other genre of music with such a huge percentage of crap.  Don't get me wrong - there's a lot of great disco music, but if you stray too far off the beaten path (i.e. ABBA, The Bee Gees, Donna Summer) you're likely to get burned.  According to my calculations, roughly 99.994% of the disco records released in the 1970s were utter shit.

Brainstorm is no exception. I was attracted to this one simply for its amazing cover.  Unfortunately, the round piece of etched vinyl that was found underneath the artwork is woefully bland. Generic disco music at its most mediocre. Take a listen to "Hot For You"



Perhaps a better example is "Space Disco" by The Universal Robot Band (1976).  I can see this really working on the dance floor.  Band member, Patrick Adams, would become "Disco's Secret Master" - his credits appear on nearly one thousand disco songs!



  1. To the Editor:

    Most Deadheads either hotly deny it, or just turn up "Dark Star" louder so they can't hear you, but "Terrapin Station" and "Go to Heaven" are both "disco" albums.

    Of their studio albums, "Go to Heaven" gets the most abuse...but I think it's better than "Built to Last" (among the studio albums). And I've gotten into fights about Terrapin Station: I think its one of their better albums...but then again, I also really like Blues for Allah--so my street cred is suspect.

    But I can't be the only one who loves Terrapin. I mean, Hartford '77 was released...and ***I*** can't be the only one buying it. Probably.

    But everyone (and I don't care who you are) cut a disco album back in the day. Don't believe me? When was the last time you listened carefully to the Stones "Some Girls"? Even the Eagles tried to claim Hotel California was *****NOT***** a disco album. Why? Because the "disco beat" evolved, following the Eagles....NOT the Eagles evolving to follow disco. Oh right! I believe you now....Thanks for explaining it.

    But I can't morn the death of disco. After all, who cries for funk? But what do I know....I sit in my darkened bedroom, and play Some Kind of Blue.

    Bad craziness.

  2. That "Hot for You" song sounds like the generic background music in one of those After School Specials during a dance scene.

  3. Without a doubt I would have paid double my usual price for the Brainstorm album cover! A whole $2 without blinking an eye.

  4. LOL I bought this LP the other day for 50 cents. The Brainstorm cover is crazy. What the hell is coming off the side of his head.

  5. 6 years later, and I'm discovering Brainstorm... and totally lovin' it. LONG LIVE DISCO FUNK!