Pop Topping! & Machine Guns

Here's a few vintage failures I've had stored up in Flickr or posted on Retrospace Zeta. This first one, Pop-Topping!, is 70's pathos in its purest most distilled form. Can you imagine walking around wearing a pop top headwear? Wouldn't that be painful?

Strangely enough, both my wife and I have a faint memory of this fashion anomaly.... either it was on TV (PM Magazine or something) or just noticed the book somewhere. Bizarre.... but perhaps not as bizarre as the next one.... 

I posted this on Retrospace Zeta and it wasn't long before I started seeing it everywhere. Forget about the fact that it's a fully automatic machine gun for kids, the damn gun's name is "Bick Dick".  My favorite line is "Get Big Dick and be envied by every boy in town."


  1. To add to the weirdness of the gun name,doesn't the kid drawn look a lot like a young Haley Joel Osment?

  2. Don't you know everyone loves big dick?

  3. I remember seeing a guy who made pop-top fashions on the Mike Douglas Show around 1977. This was when pop-tops were being phased out, so I doubt the fad had much longer to live. Who wants to wear faux chain mail anyway?

  4. And it "shoots as fast as you turn the crank!" Yikes.

  5. Could you imagine a toy like the Big Dick machine gun being made in our oh so litigous and politically correct society nowadays?

    You'd have the one group claiming it's teaching kids to be violent and the other group saying the kids will shoot their eye out or eat the bullets.

  6. we have our modern day equivalent though. anyone looked at the last several years worth of nerf guns? assault rifles in all but materials.

    Ergonomic grips, 18-round magazines, tactical lights, scopes, and clips so you can clip magizines back to back for easy reloading?

    Don't get me wrong, I heartily approve of the advances in nerf technology (and yes I say those two words with all seriousness), as I far prefer my kids to be shooting at each other with nerf instead of oh, say, paintball or bb's?