Saturday Morning Cartoons #2: The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan

With the success of Scooby-Doo, the forumula of mystery solving teens with comedic pet was repeated endlessly on Saturday mornings (see a previous post: Those Meddling Kids!). With the success of The Archies and their number one hit "Sugar, Sugar", the formula of the teen pop band was also recycled ad nauseum in Hanna Barbera Saturday morning offerings.

The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan combined both elements: The Chan kids solved mysteries with the help of their loveable dog (voiced by the same guy that voiced Scooby Doo!) and were in a pop group with music sung by Ron Dante (the guy that sang The Archies songs!) and supervised by Don Kirshner (the guy that supervised The Archies... and The Monkees!).

When the show was initially dubbed, it was determined that the Chinese accents were too thick and us 70's kids would be confused.  Subsequently, all the original Chinese voice actors were ditched, and were replaced by more Anglo voices.... including Jodie Foster as Anne Chan!

That's Anne Chan below in the baseball cap. She's a tomboy. Her sister, Suzie Chan is the hot one.  Sort of a Velma - Daphne thing going on.

Stanley Chan is the guy in the greenish shirt on the left (in the image below) who always said, "Wam Bam, We're in a Jam!". He was voiced by Lenny Weinrib - the same guy that played H. R. Puffinstuf and did the voice of that miserable piece of shit, Scrappy Doo.

Complete episodes of The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan are actually available to watch for free on Veoh.... I don't imagine many of you would want to sit and watch a whole episode, but at least check out the show's unique intro.

Watch The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan in Animation  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com


  1. Never saw it. Heard the theme song on cartoon theme CD I check out at the library on a regular basis for my kids.

    Josie and the pussycats was my favorite Scooby Doo rip-off.

  2. I remember this one. Never thought it was odd, then. But looking back now, it does a bit weird.

  3. The lady that put the letter in the mailbox sounded a lot like Velma's voice.

    This has to be the worst laugh track I've ever heard. My god it's horrible. I though it was some other sound effect at first, because it never comes at a time when people should start laughing.

  4. @ Armpit.....so true.

    To be fair, though, horrible animated laugh tracks fit pretty nicely into the suspension of disbelief inherent in imagining that a studio audience is laughing at a cartoon.