The Vintage Home #2

In part one, I dealt primarily with the walls and color schemes of the typical 70s home. I think it also deserves mention that it wasn't just the shag carpets, wood paneling and loud colors that defined the style of the decade - the unique furniture also set the it apart; the bean bag chair being a prime example of "innovative" furniture.  But it went way beyond the benign bean bag chair....

My parents were never "cool" enough to decorate our home with :A Clockwork Orange style furnishings.  Looks like the perfect place to sit back and light up a joint cozy up with a good book.

Your gut reaction to this living room is probably somewhere between "dry heave" and "vomit", but I ask you to search inside yourself. Honestly, is it really so bad?............... You're right. I guess maybe it is. 

Quit being such a square. It's all about fun, baby! Four legged chairs are for "the man"; the young generation thinks outside the box.  Who cares if these are insanely uncomfortable and look ridiculous - it's nothing a little Schlitz 'n' Mary Jane won't fix!

Give me a break. No self respecting 70s couple played cards on that "sofa" - that particular piece of furniture was designed specifically for getting your groove on.  And don't tell me this is foreplay.... they didn't have foreplay in the 70s.

The attitude of the 70s was all about breaking free from the boring and repressed older generation.  It was time to show some individuality and create a style that would make Ward Cleaver puke.

This is what Frodo Baggins' hobbit hole would look like in the 1970s. I call it "Shire Chic". 

I actually kind of dig this blue/yellow/green living room. However, it's got nothing on the next one - a 1975 bachelor pad royale!

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my brief tour of 70s home decor. Here's a few more for the road. Cheers!


  1. I love the organ in one of those last pics. A lot of younger readers may not realize that at one time every mall in america had an organ store that blared awful organ calypso music into the world. Easily a quarter of my friends had one of those monstrosities in their home. Just terrible. Probably worth its own blog entry.

  2. No, I really do dig that room with the lime slice tables and caveman animal painting.

  3. LOL! I'd forgotten about those organ stores in the mall! What a flashback!

  4. Oh, it hurts. It Hurts!
    Everyone of those images burned into my brain. What pain it is to look on them....or is it part of a memory. Have I seen all those things before as a child?
    Oh the humanity.

  5. I actually quite like the room with the green apple painting, probably because it's actually fairly minimalist. The flooring could have used a change, but if I HAD to travel back to the 70s and live in a decorated house, I'd go for that one.

  6. just classic stuff here. I love retro decor and these photos are amazing. I LOVE the door in the hobbit hole and the 1975 Bachelor Pad is killer.

  7. The Vintage ReaderApril 10, 2010

    I believe I have the plans for that built-in desk in the last picture in one of my "build your own plywood furniture" books. The books predate the 70s, but hey, a classic is a classic.

  8. All I want in the entire WORLD is a card playing couch such as that one.

  9. A friend of mine's house STILL looks like some of these. He did it that way on purpose and it looks great!

  10. I so badly want a house that looks like all of these designs. Badly!!!

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