Twisted Impressions #6

It's sad really, how the mind of a man works.  To me, this picture perfectly captures the predicament men are dealt in life. Biologically speaking, a thin layer of neurons on his cerebral cortex tells him to act nice, collect money for charity, and talk professionally to this young lady - it's the right thing to do.  Unfortunately, the rest of his brain has gotten the better of him.  It's screaming "breasts!", "legs!", "mate with her you jackass!"

We all remember the Seinfeld episode where George loses interest in sex and suddenly he finds himself doing constructive things, learning quantum physics, pondering existentialism, etc. No longer is his brain preoccupied with the procreative instinct. Alas, this is the lot of mankind - it the way we were made.

Thus, when I read these comic book panels, my mind goes racing to bad places that the writer surely did not intend.

Take this next image, for instance. Probably just a benign sweater ad -nothing more than three models posing innocently for the camera.  However, the brain of a man will quickly turn this into something filthy. If I have to explain, you shouldn't be on the Internet this late, it's past your bedtime.

No comment on the next two photos... they speak for themselves.

Thanks to Retro Hound for the photo submission


  1. I don't know that I've ever written this before, but your first paragraph: LOL! It's a good thing my office mate wasn't in here.

    And thanks for the photo recognition!

  2. You can write me down for $20.

  3. The second one from the bottom is like overkill. Just one image would have been enough, but I guess they really wanted people to get the idea.