Why Easter Gets the Shaft

Hope everybody has an enjoyable holiday. It's certainly not a flashy holiday like Halloween and Christmas, but my younger kids still love the egg hunt and getting candy.  So, I'm planning on having a good time.

I have one question: There's horror movies for every single holdiay but Easter. Why?  If there can be a New Years Evil and a Mother's Day, there should be an Easter horror flick somewhere out there, right?

Come to think of it, there weren't many Easter episodes on TV either...

It would seem that Easter is the red-headed step-child. Look up "Easter" in the dictionary and it says "Not as good as Christmas". Why? It's not because the religious context is too strong, because Christmas is by far the biggest holiday, and its very name is a religous statement. 

I think it has a lot to do with the lameness of the celebration. It's as if it was thought up by a kindergardner: a bunny rabbit gives kids chocolate. Only the underdeveloped mind of a 5 year old could come up with something like this.

The other holidays have cool celebrations: you get to dress up in costumes on Halloween, you exchange gifts with family on Christmas, you stuff yourself to death on Thanksgiving, and you get sloshed on New Year's. In stark contrast, on Easter you have to get all dressed up for church.... real fun. I have distinct memories of embarrassment regarding my 70s Easter garb.

Plus, the other holidays have cool mascots.  Who can resist the iconic Santa Claus? Something about this big bearded fat man captured our collective imagination. Halloween's dark side is also captivating - the attraction to the sinister and "things that go bump in the night" is as old as humanity itself. But a giant bunny rabbit? A former pagan symbol of fertility who brings chocolate? It's kind of disturbing, really. 

Check out this site with tons of pictures of that grotesque creature - the man-sized Easter Bunny.

Of course, when the bunny is a girl, it goes from being scary as hell (ever seen Donnie Darko?) to sexy as hell.  The Playboy bunny is all the evidence you need that this is true.  Somehow, it wouldn't be the same if these chicks were dressed as dogs or chickens.

image source: vintagepbks.com

Hey, if Elvira can get into the Easter spirit, so can you.


  1. Is that Sharon Tate in the first picture?

  2. Fun stuff, and all true.

    We had to get dressed up as kids on Easter, even though we never were taken to church. Family dinner meant we had to look good, I suppose.

    Now, as an atheist myself, church and religion have nothing to do with the day. We have a small egg hunt for the kids (which we are straining to keep, since they aren't too little anymore) and they had a small basket with a few treats. Then a dinner with (usually) just us, out somewhere. Nothing major, just some family time. Good enough for me! :)

    Happy Easter, man! Avoid the giant Bunnies!

  3. Actually, as something of a religious zealot myself, I can tell you that Easter is a much bigger holiday than Christmas.

    Be that as it may, if you just have to have a little creepiness to go with your Easter, you could do a lot worse than the bunny from Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.


  4. As a christian it means a great deal. Other that good things about Easter...
    1-jelly beans- Awesome candy and much more of a selection today than when I was a kid in the 70's.
    2-Rankin-Bass specials. Okay, the Easter bunny is coming to town copies the Santa Claus version, but still good. Who came first the chicken or the egg? Peter Cottontail is one of my favorite Rankin-Bass specials for sure.
    3-The Easter Beagle is cool too. We watch it several times this time of year. Seeing Lucy get the raw end of the deal is always a good thing.
    4-Peeps-Okay, it's another candy, but still great.
    5-It's Spring. No absolute guarantee of great weather, but it can be. Today is beautiful around here.

    Alright it's still not Halloween or Christmas, but it's always been#3 on my list.

  5. hahaha, the post title cracks me up and you are so right. i just discovered your blog and am in love. its pure brilliance. :)

  6. I think it's the lack of a story. With the Easter bunny, not the Resurrection story, which has been told many times.

    Your post did make me think of "That rabbit's dynamite!" from The Holy Grail.

  7. What cracks me up is the folk who actually get offended when you gently inform them that Easter started out as a pagan ritual and was taken over by the Christians back when Christianity was a new fad. Some of them refuse to believe it. They celebrate it on a different day every year depending on where the moon is, and they can't work out that's pagan??

  8. This weekend the wife and I decorated Easter eggs, and it was a lot more fun and a lot less work than most holiday traditions, like buying, carrying in, decorating, and carrying out that damn Christmas tree, or even buying and handing out candy to the local kids on Halloween. I think Easter may be my favorite holiday.

  9. In the Catholic world, thanks god we dont celebrate ¨Easter¨.
    for us is ¨Saturday of glory¨

    eggs, bunnys, Pagan rituals from British islands, no thank you...

  10. @totaltoys

    They Jewish calendar is a Lunar calendar and not a Solar one so that is why Passover/Easter/Resurrection Sunday moves with the Moon not because it is pagan in origin.

    I am sure Pagan's have spring rites though that are still with us today like say a giant rabbit with eggs.

    Rabbits and eggs have nothing to do with Resurrection Sunday, which is the Christian holiday.
    The creepy thing is that foolish Churches make a bigger deal of the bunny than they do Jesus dying for the sins of man.