Does It Get Any Better Than This? A Soul Train Line Dance

I ask you, since the dawn of mankind, has there ever been anything so wonderful as this Soul Train line dance to Curtis Mayfield's "Get Down"?   The clothes, the 'fros, the grooviness - this is as funktastic as it gets, folks.

If a genie were to grant me three wishes, I would wish (1) to be black, (2) for it to be 1972, and (3) to be in that Soul Train line dance..... if I got four wishes, the fourth would be for world peace.


  1. AnonymousMay 09, 2010

    Brought to you by Afro Sheen and Afro Brite! That was dyn-o-mite!

  2. SignOfZetaMay 09, 2010

    Absolutely wonderful.

  3. "Peace, love, and SoOOOOOOOOOOOOOul!"

  4. I totally agree with the 3 wishes !!!

  5. That line dance is sooooo cool!
    Much more excting than dancing in circle.

  6. The link would help...


  7. I could watch 10 hours of soul train dance lines. I would counter with this clip with "Live It Up" from the Isley Brothers. Funky.

  8. 1972 was far from idealistic for being black, and in just a few years disco would push Soul Train off the map. The only conceivable circumstance for world peace is for there to be only one person on the earth, and you will still have to deal with animals who will eat you, and the animals you will have to eat.

    Isn't this blog a little world you create in which you don't have to deal with the real one, and you wish for things to be the way YOU want?

    It seems the internet has already granted all of your wishes.

  9. Ummmm, Eric? You do realize I wouldn't reallyuse my three wishes to get on Soul Train.... right?

    As to your comment about creating a "little world" - do you have any interests, Eric? Ever read books? Somewhere you've gotten the idea that it's a bad thing to take a break from the real world.

    My suggestion: Relax, stop criticising everything, and maybe a little good natured escapism might be just what the doctor ordered.