Let's Get Physical! #2

The fitness craze has been around so long, that it's not entirely accurate to even call it a "craze". It's more of an innate human desire to become more attractive and physically healthy.  Unfortunately, it's also an innate human desire to take the easy way out and want instant gratification.  Thus, instead of putting on those tennis shoes and jogging at the crack of dawn, we are much more apt to shell out $9.99 for some idiotic contraption on the Home Shopping Network that promises quick and easy results.

This combination of traits has made us extremely vulnerable to charlatans and frauds.

I find it interesting to look at the fitness section of my old catalogs.  The odd contraptions being sold through JC Penney, Sears and Montgomery Wards were painfully awful.  It's certainly no better today, but some of the stuff being sold was just ludicrous..... case in point, the "air jeans".


  1. oh my.. those air jeans..
    i'm lost for words.

    didn't i see Kendra wearing one of those Sauna Suits on her show recently?

  2. AnonymousMay 29, 2010

    Great old pages, I remember seeing adverts for some of that stuff! And it's all based on our believing that you can 'buy' fitness when a half hour walk a day would produce the same effect - and it's free!

    I remember fitness as a craze in the 60s, I haven't yet covered that in my blog but I might do some research so thanks for the idea.

  3. Those ballet slippers offer real foot & arch protection. This slide show is just disturbing. Some of these contraptions seriously look dangerous. Waiting for the WhatchutalkinboutWillis tribute I know you are working on.

  4. I love how some of these even come with their own stretcher (and 3 free rides to the ER). All I have to say is WTF?? I'm convinced it was the coke & disco dancing that kept these people slim.

  5. Monty Python featured those air jeans (called "trim jeans") in a sketch. Presenters for "trim jeans theater" were shown wearing them and then showing film clips where all the actors are wearing the jeans.