Mini Skirt Monday #45: God Hates Miniskirts

According to an Awake magazine from January 1968, mini-skirts are pure diabolical evil - an abomination that could only have come from the bowels of deepest Sheol. Ladies, just know that Lucifer smiles at high hemlines.

The periodical was published by the Jehova's Witnesses and it attempts to explain all the horrible wrongs being committed in the world (television is evil, music is evil, hippies are evil, yada yada yada) and how to shield yourself from the snares of sin.  I'm sure it was published by a bunch of guys like George Rekers, the anti-gay co-founder of Focus on the Family who, recently, was caught with a male prostitute he'd ordered online.

I won't get into a religious discussion (this is, after all, a Miniskirt Monday post), so suffice it to say that I am not an atheist, but am not dumb enough to believe that an omnipotent trans-dimensional Creator of Time and Space could give a flying fart how you're dressed. Give me a break.

Here's a portion of the article...

Let me get this straight: If a woman wears a short skirt, she has no right to object to being "treated like a loose woman"? What exactly does that mean? If she is raped, can we say she had it coming? I wonder if this effed up reasoning also applies to wearing make-up - prostitutes wear make-up!

Excuse me, but if the sight of a woman's leg makes a man powerless over his own self control, then that man is fucked up to begin with. Ya think maybe the rapist is the one who needs amend his behavior, not the girl with a hemline that is too high?  Another question: Exactly how high is too high for the Infinite and Divine Being? And does the Lord of the Universe approve of hot pants?

Well, I'll get off my pedestal now.  I'll leave you with a few more images from this lovely magazine.  Thank God, this was written back in 1968 and we don't have people like this nowadays. (sly wink)


  1. As you know, there are a range of beliefs within Christianity (and many will say that JW is not Christian, but a cult), for example, my post on the Bible with a picture of a happy girl in a miniskirt. http://www.retrohound.com/groovy-bibles/

    And it sure is handy to know that history began in 4026 BCE. Exactly 4026. At least they use BCE (Before Common Era instead of BC Before Christ), but like I said, many do not consider them Christians.

  2. In that last photo panel,that kid on the bottom right smoking a joint looks like Bud from "Married with Children".

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  4. retrohound- I visited your post - further proof that your blog is one of the best. A miniskirt in a bible - I love it!

    doug- something tells me the JW's aren't big fans of the show. But, yes, the likeness is there.

    keith- long time no read; welcome back, bro.

  5. To the Editor:

    Well, I am an atheist (no surprise considering my long rant on "creationism, Sarah Palin style"), but I have to say that I am always confused when people accuse women of "asking for it" by how they dress--as if there was a POSSIBLE mode of dress that will ward off creeps. For example, I think one of the hottest chics from back in the day is Sally Field in that "nun" costume. Off course, I am in fact one sick bastard...but still.... No doubt there are a non-trivial number of fetishists who go for such things as the complete burka, suits of armour, and even iron lung outfits.

    That said, I do have to give the JWs their due. A large number openly refused to cooperate with the government in Nazi Germany (when it would have been easy to just go along), and wound up in concentration camps. In the US, a large body of our first amendment "free speech" law has been shaped by Jehovah's Witnesses who were willing to stand up to an authoritarian majority. And our nation is the better for it.

    Bill Abendroth
    Samsara Samizdat

  6. Oh, c'mon, you think it's okay for woman to walk around with their butt and boobs hanging out and with cut off shirts that barely cover their body?

    Yeah, when it comes to that, God does care what you wear. I doubt He thinks it's okay to emphasize yourself in such a sexual way and merely to show off your prurient vanity.

    I don't agree with the Witnesses on many things, but they were more right basically than you and the last thing we need is a sexually obsessed product of the soulless, anti-sincerity latter 20th century mocking their morality.