Mini Skirt Monday #46: From the Yearbook

Grab a college yearbook from 1968 -1971.  Take a look at what every single female is wearing. Mini skirts are freaking everywhere. 

It didn't take me long to collect the images for this Mini-Skirt Monday post.  It was just a matter of finding a yearbook from this time period, and the rest was a cakewalk.  Page after page after page of minis.  Their fellow male students must have had to take a cold shower every hour. Poor guys.

Anyway, here's 33 yearbook minis, mostly B&W. Click the "view slideshow" icon below.  I apologize if some of them are repeats from earlier Mini Skirt Mondays - it's hard to keep track of which ones I've used. Enjoy

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  1. Awesome--that wasn't even that mini. I remember the ones where you had to wear the little matching panties with them so you weren't obscene--what a joke! I had a ton of those. I thought it gave me free license to bend over and pick up things.

  2. Yes we did. And what you might not know is most schools had restrictions on girls wearing "slacks" and definitely no jeans. Wrap your head around that. At my suburban school girls got to wear "slacks" one day a year. One freakin' day! You could get sent home for wearing dresses too short or too long. There was a style of dress, I guess you could call it the anti-mini, called granny dresses. Very popular, very comfortable. They were made from floral cotton, empire style, down to your ankles. Wear it to school...get sent home. Dress too short...get sent home. The guys never got sent home. They wore the same boring stuff every single day. Button down shirt with jeans or chinos and
    Converse tennis shoes.

    Seriously? The word verification I've just been given is "sitypu." That sounds like a word from the 60s.

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  4. AnonymousMay 25, 2010

    In high school minis could be too mini, but you MUST WEAR SKIRTS!!! NO SLACKS on girls allowed! Not even to freezing cold football games. I always figured the dirty old men liked watching the girls climb the bleachers in skirts. After high school I wore micro minis, and of course at work you were not allowed to wear slacks either. These pictures are completely and utterly TAME compared to the way girls dress nowadays! All that is showing in these photos is a little knee....
    Paula from Indiana