Needlework A Go-Go #5: More 70s Needlework

What do you think of when you think of the 1970s? CB radios, disco, Jimmy Carter, eight track tapes, and bell bottoms, maybe?  Not me. I think of needlework. 

You read it right the first time.  As the custodian of Retrospace and self declared historian of the seventies, I am telling you that needlework was every bit as big as anything you might come up with.  The number of crochet, needlepoint and "make it yourself" books and magazines that came out during this time is unfathomable.

They were everywhere, so plentiful that they still lurk around every corner.  I'll wager there's not a flea market in this land that doesn't have at least one needlework guide for sale.  Check in your own home - I'll bet you find one in the attic or propping up your old couch with the missing leg.

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So, click on the little icon above to check out a slideshow of when needlework was the "in" thing.  When even The Bandit was handy with the needle and thread.


  1. You know, I think I could still crochet in my sleep... I love her pants! Hee hee. I had a halter top that was crocheted and one time I sat down on a bench at a park, got up and it caught a yarn and started unraveling. Holy heck! Dangerous stuff. The upside of her pants in that photo--they wick moisture away...

  2. Oh, and don't forget hooking rugs- in colours and yarns unknown to nature!

  3. Damn!, the Bandit can make anything look manly.

  4. My mom use to knit. Every year she would either knit or saw a dress for me and my sisters, for Easter. And then have pictures taken of us. I have a school picture of me in I think 3rd grade with one of the dresses on, it had a Raggedy Ann picture on the middle part of the dress. When I look at that picture it gives me found memories. Loved that dress.

  5. I am still laughing as I read your series of posts on this subject! My mom was in the needlecraft industry and I had the pleasure of attending the needlework markets around the country - they were, indeed, HUGE. (I recently wrote a post about that, too.)

    Anyway, I had to comment here that both Rosie Greer, the football player, AND Paul Newman's brother were seen at those markets - and both (I believe) were avid needlepointers!