Obscure Grooves #3: At the Movies

Up the Creek (1984) was a mediocre piece of eighties junk that sat unrented on bottom shelves of video stores across this great land in the 1980s.  I imagine some tried it out simply for its intriguing cover art and were surely disappointed.  It definitely met its quota for sexual references and juvenile humor, but overall failed to top anyone's list for favorite comedy.

The soundtrack is equally lame.  It features songs by Shooting Star, a band that had a lot of promise (was the first band to sign with Virgin records), but ended up being a lackluster version of Triumph.  Hear for yourself in "Get Ready Boy" from the soundtrack.  I swear there were a billion songs that sounded exactly like this in the early eighties.

I've posted on this amazing movie before, but the link for the theme song died, so I think it's time to resurrect it.  As I stated back in September '09:

The 1977 film Viva Knievel! perfectly captures the awesomeness of Knievel in all his glory. In Viva Knievel the line between stunt man and superhero is blurred. All within this one film, Knievel helps an orphanage, unites an estranged father (Gene Kelly) with his son, defeats a drug lord (Leslie Nielson), bags a beautiful babe (Lauren Hutton), and, of course, performs a motherload of kick ass stunts.

Not since Handel's Messiah has there been a piece of music that heralds the glory of the composition's subject with such triumphant jubilation" than this theme song. Knievel was The Man in the seventies, and this song is a fitting tribute.

We live in a unique time: the very fact that the soundtracks to Up the Creek and Let's Get Laid! (1977) exist and are readily available is nothing short of amazing.  Listen to a song from this raunchy Brittish film, not because it's particularly good, but because you can!

Song: "You Turn My Legs to Water"


  1. Hi Gilligan! As a fellow lover of all things groovy, I present to you a Kreativ Blogger Award!


  2. Thank you, Jacque. I will place it on the mantle next to the lava lamp. Much appreciated.

  3. When I think of movie grooves, I can't help but think of one of the greatest movie soundtracks of all time, The Last American Virgin (1982). They are not obscure, but they sure are groovy. Just take a look at some of the songs from this movie:

    "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da"
    Performed by The Police

    "Just Once"
    Performed by Quincy Jones

    "Are You Ready for the Sex Girls"
    Performed by Gleaming Spires

    "That's the Way I Like It"
    Performed by KC & The Sunshine Band

    "Love Action (I Believe in Love)"
    Performed by The Human League

    "Oh No"
    Performed by The Commodores

    "Better Luck Next Time"
    Performed by Oingo Boingo

    "I Know What Boys Like"
    Performed by The Waitresses

    "In the Flesh"
    Performed by Blondie

    "Open Arms"
    Performed by Journey

    "Keep on Loving You"
    Performed by REO Speedwagon

    "Since You're Gone"
    Performed by The Cars

    "Shake It Up"
    Performed by The Cars

    "Whip It"
    Performed by Devo

  4. Ugh, UP THE CREEK... remember watching that late one night at friend's house whose family was the first around to get a satellite dish. Later the same night first saw Seka in action! Much more memorable.

  5. Triumph! Omg I thought I was the only one to hear of these guys! I heard them on that music choice channel on comcast about 6 years ago...Power of the music I think is the name of the song. I just cry when I hear it. My husband and me were dating at the time and he recalled hearing them on a canadian video music show in the 80's...he lived in Michigan a few hours from the border.

  6. Cheap Trick have said "Up The Creek" was the worst song they ever recorded. Still, the best part of the film was the dog!

  7. Jeez! That's got to be Marilu Henner in the "Laid!" Poster! Or am I obsessing over what I can't have?