Magazines #2: TEEN Magazine June 1970

Enjoy a complete issue of TEEN magazine from June 1970.  Just download from Rapidshare and unzip it.  I think you'll enjoy the 40 year old articles and ads, but before you download, take a look at few selected pages from this issue to decide if this looks to be something you're interested in.




  1. Well now this one really takes me back. First teenage mag I ever bought was TEEN in 1963 because it featured an article about the Philly dancers from Bandstand in the 50s. I still have every single issue I bought. This one I don't have because by then I'd moved on to the dreadful Cosmo.

    But...a can of Pssssst with Susan Dey. Now THAT was a product! Let's say you got up to go to school and noticed your bangs were too too greasy. You'd just spray on some Psssst and you'd get doused in some sort of chemical that was seemed to be a mix of what you'd find in a fire extinguisher and corn starch. Then the idea was you'd just brush out the white powder which was supposed to absorb the grease. On a certain level it worked, but too often you just spent the day scratching your head, dying to get home and wash your hair. To say nothing of the toxins you'd ingested.

    Thanks for the memories. I think I'm beginning to see where I can trace back to the beginnings of the cause of autoimmune diseases.

  2. Wow--a tan the old-fashioned way! That brings back memories. In 1978, I was one of the finalists in their next model contest. I was so thrilled-to me that magazine was IT!

  3. Even with DSL this still took 20 minutes to download, but it was worth every second--thanks Gilligan, this was far out. I think my favorite part was TEEN & Barbara Cowsill speculating on the upcoming new show based on her own family, 'The Partridge Family'--"is it going to be a put-on or put down?!" Meanwhile, a still anonymous Susan Dey looks on from the opposite page in her spray shampoo ad! Awesome!

    These 1970 chicks look just aa groovy now as they did to my 8 year old self--pimples and all!

  4. One other note, I believe the Sea and Ski model might be Alana Hamilton Stewart. You choose the last name depending on which one of her husbands you liked:

    George Hamilton

    Rod Stewart

  5. I thought for sure there would be a comic book post here this weekend for Free Comic Book day on the 1st. Guess not.

  6. I think we're all a little overdue for a bikini barber takeover.