Vintage Scares #13: Lurkers

There's nothing scarier than an ordinary scene being disrupted by the sudden realization that there's something sinister lurking in the shadows.  I think that's why the Three Men and a Baby ghost was such a phenomenon - the movie was the very definition of ordinary, and yet you are struck with the image of a ghoulish child in the background.  See if you can spot The Lurker in the advertisement above.

Here's another example of a Lurker - this time he's popping up on an old album cover.  Can you spot the apparition of a drifter lurking in the shadows behind this celebration?

'Singalong with the Rowdies'

Ah, yes. There he is.  Which one of the Rowdies will he drag to Hell this evening? Enjoy your party, Rowdies - enjoy it while it lasts.  One of you will fall victim to........ The Lurker.


  1. Wow. Is that Gene Roddenberry as the bartender?

  2. To the Editor:

    I don't care WHAT they said to explain it, that "lurker kid" in Three Men was just plain creepy. On the other hand, the woman on the far left with the legs and 70s era thick heels--classic NON-creepy.

  3. Is that Heino lurking in the first ad?

  4. I have seen a few album covers with lurkers. What's wrong with these people?

  5. The three men and a baby lurker kid has been debunked for quite some time now. It was nothing more than a Ted Danson cutout.


  6. Bruce Campbell? Why is Bruce Campbell lurking on that last pic?