Twisted Impressions #7

Call me crazy, but I think the advertisers intentionally used phallic imagery.  How could they NOT know this looks at least slightly homoerotic? Maybe they weren't as jaded and sick as we are today, but come on!

And speaking of intentional sexual imagery... you can't tell me this was not supposed to look like alley sex.

What exactly is Superman T up to? Whatever it is, it involves a large fleshy "idol" between his legs - and he wants to handle it in private!

Mary Ann seems to be taking a hit from an enormous bong; and it seems Gilligan is next in line.  Not sure the actual context of this scene - anybody remember this episode and can shed some light?


  1. So, that skinless hotdog is what? Circumcised?

    Alley sex, yeah, but I'm more concerned that he's wearing her jeans...

    "Idol," huh? Isthat what he calls it??? I guess he can, so long as he doesn't ask his buddy to "worship" his ""idol"

    I would guess Mary Ann is really thinking she's kissing Gilligan--the tree and him really are built the same.

    Great finds!

  2. Re Gilligan's Island....I want to say that for some reason, they were looking for trees that had "sap" that could be made into maple syrup. Gilligan would twist a knife into a tree, and Mary Ann would smell the hole, looking for a "sweet" scent.......

  3. Awesome! Hope some of these appear on Zeta, so I can reblog them! :)

  4. let's not forget that when bob denver was arrested a few years ago for possession of weed it was dawn wells who supplied him with the maryjane

  5. I agree that Maryanne and Gilligan were looking for trees that had sweet sap that could be made into syrup. Maryanne does seem to be enjoying it a bit much, though.

  6. AnonymousMay 23, 2010

    Hi! I'm Harry Connick, Jr. and I love skinless wieners!

  7. It seems like the Howes came by and thought Gilligan and Mary Ann were kissing trees so they tried it and didn't see the appeal to it.

  8. As I recall, they wanted to make syrup for their pancakes, so they were looking for sweet-tasting sap. After they boiled it down, though, the stuff set up like glue, so the Professor got the brilliant idea of using the glue-sap to repair the boat. Somehow Gilligan delayed their departure -- don't remember how -- and they all watched as the glue-sap failed and the patches fell off the boat. They realized if Gilligan hadn't kept them from leaving, they would've been out to sea, the boat would've sunk, and they all would've drowned. So for a change, Gilligan was the hero...

    I have no idea how I remember all that.