Vintage Style #12

Here's a sort of grab-bag of bad fashion from the 1970s, and a few from the 60s.  Most of these I didn't scan myself, but swiped from places like ebay and various forums, etc. I certainly prefer to provide my own content, but sometimes it's just fun to take a look at what other people have uncovered.

I say this nearly every Bad Fashion post, but let me reiterate one more time: I actually love the fashions of both the 60s and the 70s.  Sure, they're fun to point and laugh at, but that's only because they took risks, and just rolled with it.  Today, we almost have an absence of fashion - there will not really be much to point and laugh at in the ensuing decades. I can promise you that posts on fashion from the 90s and 00s will be very boring posts indeed. Having nothing to point and laugh at in the decades to come isn't necessarily something to be proud of.

So, go ahead and laugh your ass off at some of these pictures. I sure did.  However, know that, in a way, their hideousness is a badge of honor.


  1. The '00s definitely has a style all its own, at least for women. It's the slut look, and it's usually worn by those 20lbs or more overweight, guts and muffintops galore, pierced everything and ugly tatoos. So there's something we can laugh at in the future (or now).

  2. I agree with armpit studios, except I'd add men who shave their heads, wear van dykes and baseball caps and refuse to get their real size in pants, still buying the waist side from their youth, but wearing them around their hips... You know, at least in the 70s anything went so long as it appeared organic. Although, admittedly, it's hard to find the woman in the flowered pantsuit at the bottom--where is she in there???

  3. Notice how everyone back then was THIN? Thanks corn syrup.

  4. Lot's of crocheting going on in the 70's! I did have a butterfly shirt, tho. It glowed in the dark, too! Too cool!

  5. AnonymousJune 22, 2010


    These are the best yet! I don't know where you turn this stuff up, but keep it coming! I love the first picture of the guy in the crocheted poncho.

  6. Anna Banana - it has nothing to do with corn syrup - it's called self respect and self control. They had it then.