Food & Drink #9: MEAT!

I'll be honest with you - I'm not a big fan of meat.  A few years ago, I lived out in the country somewhat near a factory farm for chickens.  Almost every day I'd get behind a truckload of those sick, bloated creatures. It turned my stomach.

I have no real moral problem with eating animals, it's the industry. I just have a problem with eating animals raised in disgusting living conditions and pumped full of God-knows-what chemicals. Not to mention, these gigantic factory farms are taking advantage of illegal immigrants and are horrible polluters.  I could go on and on.

Believe it or not, this is a fairly recent phenomenon.  As late as the 1970s, the beef you bought at the local grocery store likely came from a nearby farm.  Whereas, now the meat industry is controlled by around six mega-corporations, back then the sources for what ends up on your plate were much more diverse. 

That's not to say that meat couldn't be disgusting back in the day.  Here's a few examples of hideous meat creations from yesteryear. Enjoy!

I don't know French.  This says something like "a good joke is to add concentrated milk".  Somebody help me out with this one.  No matter the translation - this is one of the foulest things I've ever seen.  I would not put that in my mouth under any circumstances.

Bacon and pancakes? I can literally feel my arteries harden as I look at this.  The batter no doubt traps in all that precious grease.  Make sure you've got your defibrillator charged up before breakfast, you're gonna need it.

Me Too Meatloaf

Good Lord! This is hideous.  One commentator on Flickr fittingly called this a "meatloaf coffee cake".


A meat ring with a dainty cream filling. Deeeelish!


  1. Le bon geste literally translates as "a good move" so, in English, the add might say: "Your best bet is to add Gloria" or something similar. Of course geste can also mean an heroic exploit which changes the face of that nightmare all together. In that instance, I assume they are referring to the people eating not the cook.

  2. Kind of turned off by your 'illegal immigrants' comment. They are people, not cattle (except maybe the way they are treated at those jobs) Yes because the jobs are so great there that Americans are beating down the doors looking for work. Who else are these slave drivers going to get? I don't know anyone that would work under those conditions for that pay except people who are seriously starving to death. If you ask me the owners are the ones who should be arrested. I'm sure you've seen Fast Food Nation. When I see some of these things I'm ashamed of how our country lets them get away with it.

    1. quit being so P.C. on a fun retro-site. no one cares how proper you think you are.

  3. Anna - Don't see how you're turned off by it. I'm saying these companies lure them over here, but don't even get fined. Whereas the immigrants get arrested/deported. I'm speaking against the corporations who capitalize on the poor not the immigrants themselves. Sorry I wasn't clear about that. Notice the part in parentheses where I say "go figure".

  4. Your "meatloaf coffee cake" is not really that disgusting. It is just meatloaf and mashed potatoes made pretty. Of course if you don't do meatloaf then it is a little bizarre.

  5. Got it. I misunderstood what you were saying.

  6. Thanks Pauline for the translation.

    Anna, I reworded it again. My wife confirmed that it sounded callous and demeaning. Sometimes what's in my mind doesn't translate well to what ends up in words. Point taken.

  7. I'd argue that the meat ring with a creme dip is actually a bread or cake with a veggie dip of some kind. The set dresser on that shoot must have felt the need to add a few vegetables to the cake to make that clear and unintentionally invented the notorious "meat ring". Still won't eat it though.

    My favorite poorly named food is "Spotted Dick" which always seems to be in a battle against itself as to what it is. It's an international food item! NO! It's a symptom!

  8. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    I totally agree with what you say, my wife and I while not vegetarians, eat very little meat but the point is that vegetables with all the colours and shapes make far, far better photos as you can see from the first photo while meat always looks brown and a little tired and unappetising! What I do notice in the supermarket now is the way they try to make meat look interesting by changing the colour and the saturation.

  9. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    great post...and it was an awesome trip to see you link a photo from my flickr at the end!

  10. The kids in the first photo look afraid. I'll bet they're vegetarians to this day.