NBA Finals vs. World Cup

So, I'm on a nice long vacation and I've got plenty of time to watch the tube. I'm suddenly faced with a question - do I spend my time watching a rather exciting Celtics - Lakers NBA Finals or do I watch what the entire rest of the planet is watching - the World Cup?

Here on Retrospace, I like to look at things from a historical-cultural perspective, and so the real question is why is everybody else watching soccer and we Americans are watching basketball? Why did soccer never catch on here in the States?

A few theories: (1) There's very little scoring, and Americans need lots of stuff for the ESPN highlight reel, (2) many Americans suffer from a superiority complex - in other words, who gives a shit about France and Brazil, the only rivalries that count are within the US of A, and (3) it's just too damn late - it's not easy to get 290 million people to become soccer fans, when they've already invested themselves in football, baseball and basketball.

That's my two cents. If you've got any theories, I'd like to hear them. Go Celtics!


  1. The beauty of it all is that this year you can do both! World Cup in the morning, basketball in the evening. That's what I'll be doing (but if I had to choose, it would be World Cup all the way).

  2. What is this "soccer" you speak of?

  3. Not sure I have ever seen this retro pic of Larry Bird. We live close to Indiana State where Larry played college ball. We were lucky enough to go to a couple of games of his in college. What a treat. I also watched him play baseball for Indiana State the summer before he went to the Celtics.

  4. Basketball ? World Cup ?
    Speed Channel ! The 24 Hours of Le Mans tonight, the Grand Prix of Canada tomorrow and a little bit of NASCAR inbetween
    Yea Baby !

  5. I think you hit with reasons 1 and 3. I definitely would prefer the NBA, but like college hoops even more.

  6. My cousin just posted this on Facebook: "All this running around for two shots and one score? What's the point?"