Magazines #4: 1979 Tabloid

Let's take a look at the July 1979 issue of a tabloid called TV Picture Life - published long before Kate Gosselin's new hairstyle was grabbing the headlines. What were they gossiping about 31 years ago>? Read on and find out.

What a ridiculously deceptive headline!  You'd think this would actually be interesting: perhaps Williams had to engage in gay sex with the producer of Happy Days to get the part as Mork. Nope.  The truth behind the headline is much, much less interesting. After Robin split up with his girlfirend in New York, he moved to California to get away - thus enabling him to have opportunities as an actor..... Jeez What a let down.

Total B.S.  The article claims that Cheryl Ladd went to a Tinseltown party, stripped completely nude and skinny dipped in the pool.  Her husband, David Ladd, was supposedly unimpressed with her antics and split the party early.  No photographs and no sources are provided in the article.

Here's a couple more examples of what was grabbing people's attention back in the day....

Truth be told, I actually enjoyed the advertisements in this magazine more than the poorly written articles.  Here's a few of my favorites...


  1. Aww, come on, that's why we flock to these magazines though, for the teasing headlines. TV teases us just as hard.

  2. YibbleGuyJune 13, 2010

    When I was a kid, my mom subscribed to "Modern Screen" magazine. One month, the cover headline read:


    Curious as to what could be worse than heroin, I read the article.

    In the course of a normal celebrity profile, Ms. Moore did indeed describe a certain dependency in her life as being "worse than heroin."

    It was the need to take insulin shots for her diabetes ....

  3. Gotta admit there was a time in my life when I really...appreciated ...those Frederick's of Hollywood ads. Years later, I worked next door to a cheesy Frederick's store at the Mall and it kind of lost its luster.

  4. mandy_ReevesJune 13, 2010

    my mom and me had mother daughter terry cloth rompers, like the ones in the ad! they were hot pink with white straps that tied at the shoulders and whit trim on the shorts. I was a year old. When I found it five years later, i put it on my cabbage patch kid!

  5. Why is Bill Bixby sitting there in a speedo in the middle of a Frederick's of Hollywood ad?

  6. Haitian super power prophet! Didn't I last see him as a character on NBC's Heroes? Or am I the only person to watch that show.

    The best headline I ever saw in one of these supermarket tabloids was "UFOs hover over Elvis' grave". I actually went through the whole rag looking for the story. There was no story! And here I thought these papers did serious journalism.

  7. Sally plays music while Karl Malden reads a book. Solid!

  8. As an English major and a writer by trade, the biggest scandal here for me is the improper use of the apostrophe on the cover in Robin Williams' name.

    Beyond that, I'm glad Farrah and Lee called off their split.