Vintage Scan #12: Good Manners '83

I scanned this from a book called Health Safety & Manners (1983). I don't know about you, but I love my kids dearly and feel they are good kids.... but they have never, not once, followed the rules above.

"I walk quietly beside my mother"
Are you kidding me? Not only do my kids break that rule, but every kid I've ever seen in the grocery store does the same thing.  They are all bitching, whining, begging, and just talking incessantly. Are kids today more badly behaved than 27 years ago.... or is this just an example of wishful thinking back in the early eighties?

"I do not handle things on the shelves"
Ummmm. Once again, this is just not happening at any of the grocery stores I've visited. Their grubby hands are all over everything in every aisle. Again I ask - was this a fantasy world, or have things changed that much? Personally, I think they were better behaved back then. My memory is not perfect, but I don't think kids were quite like they are today in public places.

Read on to gaze in wonder at a few more pages from Health, Safety, & Manners. Enjoy.


  1. When I was a kid, I don't ever recall acting up while out shopping with my mom. I asked her about this once & she said that before she took me and my brothers anywhere, she made sure we were fed & had a nap.

  2. omg! i see team flakes on the shelf! i practically wrote a blog entry just on team flakes. my fave cereal ever. i miss it!

  3. I'm reminded of all the bad habits I have. :(

  4. There was a time where chewing gum was considered rude. I've heard different things about that, some having to do with construing it as having food in your mouth and not being seated a table.
    There's nothing more musical to my ears than listening to someone snap chewing gum.

  5. This book must have been the last of its kind since disciplining kids seemed to go out in the 80s. Suddenly, parents were so intent on being buddies with their kids that they stopped teaching them how to behave properly. Now we have a generation of rude, clueless young adults raising a fresh batch of rude, clueless kids. Manners are good people!

  6. Another difference is that when I was a kid if I acted up in the store my mom would whack us with this switch that was the plastic handle of one of those pinwheel things that spins in the wind. It stuck our her purse so we could see it the whole time. If you tried something like that in public now your kids would be taken away.


  7. It's obvious that whoever wrote this book on manners does not know about reality. It's kinda hilarious once I think about it.

    Love the picture in the supermarket's cereal aisle, I forgot all about Dinky Donuts!

  8. It's called parenting. People used to do it, but it became unpopular.