The Vintage Preservation Collection #2: Comics with Problems

You pick a problem, there was once a comic book about it.  Venereal disease, drugs, pregnancy, smoking, bicycle safety, poison, communism.... you name it, there was a comic for it. Comics with Problems is an excellent site with scans from many oftentimes hilarious public service comic books.  The illustration above is from Danny and the Demon Cycle (1972).

Other great comics offered at this wonderful site include one on getting your pap smear...

...and one on syphilis, or "the siff" as he calls it...

..and, my personal favorite, Spidey talks about sexual abuse...


  1. The guy in the first comic looks a lot like Spock from the mirror universe.

  2. Spiderman telling about sexual abuse seems so wrong and he choose to reveal it while in action.
    I thought the first one was Mirror-Spock in a absurd situation.