The Vintage Preservation Collection #3: German Super 8's

Super 8 film was originally intended for amateur filmmaking; however, cinematic releases were also available in this format for home viewing during the late sixties, and throughout the seventies.  The ads proclaim "the world of home movie magic, right in your own living room!"

Turns out, a guy named Robert Weidmann in Berlin has an excellent collection of Super 8 packaging and promotional material. Robby's Super 8 features hundreds of scans of German movie art, oftentimes bizarre and hilarious. I don't know if Super 8 was especially popular in Germany, or Rob is just a fanatic - either way, it was very entertaining perusing through his collection.

 I couldn't help myself. I had to sequester 20 or so examples and put them in a slideshow for your viewing pleaure. I enjoy exploring the less traveled niches of the retro pop culture landscape, and German Super 8's from the seventies certainly qualifies in that regard!

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