The Vintage Preservation Collection

Okay, folks, this took some thought, but I think it's time to introduce another regular feature on Retrospace - one that I'm particularly excited about.  I hereby announce the arrival of The Vintage Preservation Collection (trumpets and fanfare).

I'm constantly stumbling upon good quality scans of all kinds of vintage items: comics, catalogs, advertisements, magazines, etc.  Taking the time and effort to scan a catalog or magazine can be quite an undertaking, so it's only right that these selfless bloggers get the credit they deserve.  After all, these items may be lost to the depths of time were not for their acts of digital preservation.

Sure, there's a handful of sites that contribute to vintage preservation on a daily basis,  Zen Tiger's site and The Horrors of It All come to mind.  My goal is to spotlight posts rather than the blogs themselves.  In other words, it may be a completely non-vintage blog which happens to have one post that meets the criteria.

In fact, some of these may be from now defunct blogs; abandoned long ago to the graveyards of the blogosphere.  But it doesn't matter - this isn't an award.  This is simply what the title implies: vintage preservation - primarily from the periods covered on Retrospace (the 60s, 70s, and 80s).

I won't pretend that a shout-out from Retrospace is anything special - but, perhaps, a portion of the 5000 or so folks that drop by everyday here will pay them a visit. I will happily direct traffic to my fellow comrads who strive to keep materials from the 60s and 70s from being lost forever.

I would like to make this regular feature a weekly post - sorta like Miniskirt Monday. Once I've named 10 or so, I will create a page that will list all the items in The Vintage Preservation Collection. Perhaps, this will develop into a cool retro reference site. Who knows?

So without further ado, here's the first addition to The Vintage Preservation Collection

A great piece of nostalgia, with 15 or so pages of comic panel ads for products I vividly remember from my childhood.  The Snoopy pencil sharpener, Baby Alive, and who can forget the Cassette Movie Viewer?

Final note: If you have some good scans or know of an undiscovered gem out there, please email it to me or drop it in the comments.


  1. Love it! And to think I never knew the Egyptians invented Spirograph :) And I've always needed a doll like Nancy Nonsense who just says random things. I've always wanted to be "a chocolate cake that goes Oink", too :)

  2. Loved the movie player, particularly the Star Wars version, which had a clip of the unfortunate destruction of an X-Wing.

  3. Great idea! I've got some scans up on my blog that you might find interesting to include. Let me find the links to some of the posts for you tonight so you don't have to go through my entire blog. (of course you may if you want to)

  4. Great idea! I have some scans up on my blog:

  5. I look forward to checking out your submissions. I've already received a bunch, and enjoyed them immensely. Keep 'em coming.