Vintage Wheels #7: Alien Technology Used to Create Dodge Ad

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It's just a theory, but I think Chrysler-Dodge may have had access to alien technology in the 1970s.  The advertisement above could only have been ripped directly from a man's subconscious. Put simply, I'm saying Chrysler-Dodge somehow tapped into the brain waves of an unconscious male and were able to visualize that information and transfer it to print.  It sounds like science fiction, but it's the only conceivable explanation for this ad.

I'm a big fan of Fringe, and "reading" someone's unconscious thoughts is a common plot device on the show. It's maybe not as far fetched as you might think.

I mean you could write an entire PhD dissertation and barely graze the surface of the number of male fantasies in this one single advertisement.  Hotpants, trucks, motorcycles, girls running, girls making out, men watching, trucks spewing smoke, etc., etc.

I'm sure you can come up with some rational explanation, but I stand firm. Chrysler-Dodge made a deal with someone who worked at Area 51, but squandered their acquisition by jumping the gun and producing this ad. The US government immediatly noticed it as the handywork of a more technologically advanced alien race, and sequestered the technology back to Area 51, where it resides to this day.

Do you have a better theory?  I didn't think so.


  1. Are the aliens responsible for Lee Iaccoca also?


  2. Is the van, the one with the yellow and orange bits, the same van as one that was wrecked by a Biker gang in the season one episode of Knight Rider, called 'Good Day at White Rock'? Because if it was, then in the show, it was talked about as it was a 'custom job, sorta 'D.I.Y' kit.'