Album Covers #13: Even More Bad Album Covers

What the internet needs now is another post about bad album covers like I need a hole in my head. Over the past couple years bad album covers have gone from kitsch to yawn inducing. Why? Because it has become a topic well traveled and, thus, lost its novelty - especially when you see the same covers over and over again.

That being said (here comes the statement which negates everything I just said), I've stumbled upon some that still manage to impress me with their badness. I feel it is my duty as caretaker of Retrospace to present them to you. In fact, "bad album covers" was the topic of one of my very first posts, and I still, somehow, get pleasure from seeing an old LP cover that's particulary awful.

So, here's another batch of bad ones comin' at you. Click images to embiggen. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Not sure the significance of the person hanging out of the car. Did the three sluts kill her? via retro troll

I own this Eric Van Camp album. The back reads "Songs of Jews for Jesus"

As far as Christian albums go, this next cover isn't half bad.  It's the "Jesus is a Soul Man" that I find so wonderfully awful. I'd give anything to hear it.

This one is not so much the cover as it is the title. image source

I own the next one. I'm positive that's a female on the cover, but it looks like her breasts have been artistically removed. What do you think?

A word of advice. Don't ever let Liberace come up behind you like that.

I'm not sure which one's Co Co Boy, but the dude in the glasses is freaking me out.

Since bad LP covers have been done to death, perhaps the next step is to start unearthing bad cassette covers. Just thinkin' out loud folks.


  1. Well, I disagree since I've made it a semi-regular feature and judging from the comments I usually receive, people love this stuff. These are great and I just may have to steal a few for my next bad album cover post!

  2. I..must..not..make..off..color..jokes..about..the..Smurfs. That is all. (Now, if that had been combined with the sex ed disc....:o)

  3. thanx, i needed a better version of the "Mutha" cover for iTunes!...

  4. why does the "mutha" cover, which is obviously a 70s release, have a PRMC parental advisory sticker?

  5. Jamie Redfern was a big child star in Australia before being 'discovered' by Liberace. He still runs a singing school in suburban Melbourne.


  6. The sex-ed album should be titled "Explaining your mother's disturbing middle name to your little girl."

    What the heck is Marvyne!?

    And yes, it seems someone made off with 2 perfect good boobs, and I think her left arm was also removed. Must've had too much boob on it.

  7. Bad cassette covers should be easy. Every truck stop in America had dozens of them, and you can still find them at garage sales (especially church garage sales where people really hand off their junk) and Goodwill stores.


  8. 2/4/11
    RobGems.ca wrote:
    That one cover with the Japanese pop duo, they look like either Pink Lady (remember them?), or Puffy Ami-Yumi (briefly successful in the early 2000's) The real prdecessors to the kitschy female Japanese duos? At least they never had a TV show like THe Puffys or Pink Lady, but that stupid gorilla suit is beyond kitschy.Is that the anonymous actor who played Paul the Gorilla on "Electric Company?"