Obscure Grooves #6: Radio Jingles

Remember back when all radio stations had a DJ, and he or she didn't have Cumulus Radio or Viacom choosing their play selection? Back then, you knew the voices on the air like old friends, and Johnny Fever or Venus Flytrap never let you down.  But the stations weren't just identified by their genre and their "on air personalities".... they had varied and rather interesting sets of jingles and station identifications.

Well, someone out there (God knows who) put together over 200 of these little ditties from the 1960s and 70s. Not something I'd necessarily want to listen to more than once, but rather interesting nonetheless.  You can download the zipped file HERE. It's divided into about 40 or so individual mp3s, each file containing several jingles.

Listen to a few samples:

Jingle A
Jingle B
Jingle C
Jingle D
Jingle E
Jingle F

(when you click the link, click "open" to play or "save" to download to your computer)


  1. You can also listen to some great collections of station IDs and such on the PAMS site, which is the company that recorded all sorts of them through the years. I heard at least one of their in the Jingle F collection; the one with the really high pitched female voice going "wheeee!". I have a version of that as done for KIOA in Des Moines.

  2. In high school I had this Pepsi bottle shaped transistor radio and I could pick up WLS out of Chicago. They did once this thing where they played the station jingles for last the however many years they had been on air. It was quite interesting to hear the changes in the style.

  3. I guess it's true, anything can be found on the Internet. I listened to the radio a lot in the 1960's and right on into the late 1980's. I mainly listened in the car. But once I got a tape player I stopped listening to the radio. The reason, I really didn't like radio station jingles and most DJs, especially toward the later period got too boorish for my tastes. I never listen to music on the radio today.

  4. Great post, I've been reading posts on your site for about a year now and never commented, well I run a radio show myself and I'll enjoy going through these, if I use any on the show I'll be sure to mention you! Respect from the UK

  5. What a great post, it was a real pleasure to read it!

  6. Jingle A "Download not available" Okay...
    Jingle B "Download not available" Um, this is already getting old.
    Jingle C "Download not available" Does the expression "broken record" come to mind?
    Jingle D "Download not available" I feel like Charlie Brown and the football. I'm
    outta here!