Vintage Men's Mags #6: A Bevy of Beauties to Blast You Right Out of Your Easy Chair!

Well, folks, you can thank me later. I have, just for you, no less than 275 vintage girlie magazine covers for your viewing enjoyment.  All of them are completely SFW and contain no nudity or kinky stuff, Scout's honor. These are magazines primarily from the 1950s and 60s, before things got heavy.... present day covers on Cosmo are much, much more explicit.

Download the zip file here from rapidshare.  The mosaic below was made from a sample of the collection.

The 1940s through the 60s were truly the glory dayz of the men's mag.  The number of different titles available is simply amazing. Within this 275 selection you have Tiger, Adam, Rugged, Cavalcade, Escapade, Carnival, Satan, Night & Day, Hit Show, Stare, Jest, Jem, Bachelor Party, Hi-Life, Knight, Knave, Gaze, Ogle, Play, Plush, Mr., Duke, Dude, Rogue, Sir!, Gala, etc., etc.


  1. So when did Flirt go out of business? I bet that used to fly off the newsstands.

  2. Now that's what I call a happy little tree.

  3. Correction; a happy little bush. That's a brilliant picture of Bob.

  4. My dad had a few Adam and maybe Cavalcade magazines I found in a box in the attic when I was in high school. I wonder if he still has them.

  5. My favorite in Rogue, July 1957--Why? Because the "Rogue of Distinction" is Tab Hunter........