Vintage Wheels #9: Free Wheeling Travelin' Men

Get a load of this guy's hair! A comment on my Flickr page called it "King Charles Spaniel hair" - I couldn't have said it better myself.  And please note that this is not a hair product advertisement - this is for freaking car wax!


What in the sam hell? How is this fashion challenged psychopath hooked up with this cute Sally Field-lookin' chick? Please tell me he's her mentally handicapped brother.

For America's Free Wheeling Travelin' Man

Okay, now we're talkin'.  This is a cool dude if there ever was one.  In fact, he's a free-wheeling travelin' man. I can dig it.

chicks will dig you if you buy one

I don't care if you look like Ralph Malph. If you get a Honda, the chicks will flock to you - you will have to literally fight them off.


  1. That guy in the bottom picture better watch out for that dog. He/she looks like they are scoping out a good place to relieve themselves.
    The third guy is definitely the only cool guy of the four. He has cool shades, a hot chick and looks completely in control of his bike.

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  3. Gilligan,
    Honestly if the chicks he's attracting all look like Ralph Malph too does it really count? Just sayin'.