Vinyl Dynamite #25: Sell the Sizzle!

How to Get Appointments by Telephone

Check out this cultural artifact from 1961 - a whole record devoted to getting appointments by telephone (or 'selling the sizzle' as the back of the LP proclaims). It's hilarious to listen to the glorious telephone described as an "Aladdin's lamp", as if this new technology only needed to be harnessed for money to start pouring in.

I actually started to get a little stressed out listening to the part about itemizing every wasted second to determine how many appointments you could've made in that time. Geesh! Mona Ling don't play! Listen to a selection for yourself.

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  1. Mona has a manly voice.

    Telephones had been around for quite awhile by 1961. This makes it sound like nobody thought to use a telephone to make an appointment before. Think of how many appointments you can make in an hour today by using the newfangled email.