Actors on Record #5: Redford and Wolves

IMG_0017 copy

The Language and Music of the Wolves - Robert Redford 1971

If an actor is going to try their hand at cutting an album, I'd much prefer it be something like this - narrating rather than singing. I'm still feeling the burn from Eddie Murphy's album back in '85. 

The first question you've got to ask: why would someone feel compelled to buy an album consisting almost entirely of wolf howls?  I mean, besides the intro narration by Mr. Redford, it's just a bunch of grunting and howling.  Well, upon listening to this LP, I discovered that it kind of grows on you.  The howling is oddly creepy and peaceful at the same time.  Just as people listen to whale sounds to set a mood, I can see the value in a record like this.

Also, I think you'll agree that it would make a pretty cool Halloween record.  Minus Redford's part, the sounds are pretty chilling.  Take a listen to a couple minutes from the record..


  1. My parents had this album, not sure when they listened to it, but I always pulled it out on halloween. At the time I figured they bought the only copy, after all if it wasn't quadrophonic it wasn't s---.

    Random association made me think of my spirit of '76 Pro Keds, same year I guess.

  2. My Dad owned this- he used to put it on to scare us, but it wasn't really as noisy as the drag race record he used to crank to 11!!!!!