Mini Skirt Monday #53: Amazing Coverpop Collage

Sweet Lord! This is amazing! Over at Coverpop you can turn any Flickr set into an amazing mosaic where each image of potentially thousands can be viewed by simply hovering your mouse over the picture.  My Vintage Mini-Skirts group has nearly 1,500 pictures in it, and they're all visible in one titanic collage.

View the vintage miniskirt collage here and maybe even make one of your own.  If you do, please let me know so I can check out your creation!


  1. Gilligan,
    I usually never have a problem with your posts but this program is dizzying & annoying....and with so many pop ups you don't know if you've seen them all and one slight move and the picture is gone. It doesn't give you the chance to actually enjoy studying the pictures...
    Just my two cents.
    I keep going to your page hoping you have another post so this one moves out of my way :)

  2. Point taken. I thought the collage thingy was cool; but I see your point that it's not a very practical tool for regular posts.