Mini Skirt Monday #54: Young Love

(Click this image to enlarge)  I love this photo - a tremendous depiction of a city street and the many miniskirts that once trod its busy sidewalks. 

Here's a collection of lovebirds from the 60s-80s all featuring gals in miniskirts. Enjoy.

Noting wrong with a little public display of affection... except, when you're wearing a mini, the world is your gynecologist.

public displays of affection

This strapping young lad has a miniskirt under each arm.  Lucky devil.


Who says the mini died out in the eighties? Yes, it was not near as omnipresent, but still very much alive. Somehow, I don't this girl is his prom date.

This seaman appears to have popped up from below deck - his expression is all business.  If this boat's a-rockin, don't come a-knockin.

a three hour cruise

Sadly, there's no Ladies' Saloon where I live.  There's a Chili's and a TGI Fridays.... somehow, I don't think they're quite the same.

Ladies' Saloon

Sweet Lord, that's a short mini.  This may be the penultimate eighties couple - a lot of blow drying and Aqua-Net in that household, I'm sure.


By the looks of the fellas on the left, these three ladies would appear to have walked into the lair of some swingin' bachelors from Eastern Europe.... just a guess. The minis have undoubtably captured his fancy and he's ready to get down with these foxy chicks.

"Oh, Georg my brother, there will certainly be a lot of swinging in our bachelor pad tonight!"

"And here is a thing I will tell you: that two swinging foxes have the hots-on for us, and are coming here tonight to let us hold on to their big American breasts!"

"Why not? There's nothing preventing them. After all, there is no other pair of Czech brothers who cruise and swing so successfuly in tight slacks!
That vintage party

Call me crazy, but this looks like a young Benicio Del Toro.  Who knew he was such a swinger? Ten dollars says he scores with both of them.

a classy gathering


  1. Micro denim shorts seem to have all but replaced the mini skirt now... Shorts have their moments, but you can't beat the old skirt... Thanks for sharing.

  2. The girl in the top picture doesn't seem certain that she wants her picture taken.
    I was a teen in the 80's and remember seeing girls in mini-skirts in ads and commercials, but unfortunately none of the girls in my school dressed like that.

  3. "when you're wearing a mini, the world is your gynecologist."

    Hysterical. Gilligan, you really need to put that saying on a t-shirt!

  4. the 'lucky devil' on the yellow sofa with the 2 girls...the girl on his right has a missing tooth. How lucky is he really? Just sayin'. (never mind she sorta kinda looks like a man in drag)

  5. That type photo is one of the reasons I like watching movies from that era--the backgrounds. Movies like Shaft, The French Connection, Midnight Cowboy, Rosemary's Baby, and such want to take a trip back in a time machine.