Mini Skirt Monday #55: Minis and Booze

no boys allowed

As you know by now, there's nothing to complicated about this Mini-skirt Monday thing.  Just a bunch of vintage minis tied loosely around a theme.  This time it's drinking. What a wonderful combination - booze and miniskirts.  You can thank me later.

I'm not sure about over in Europe, but here in the States, if a man shows up in your living room looking thiis fella.... be afraid.  He's either a serial killer or..... well, um.... I guess, he could only be a serial killer.  This man is definitely there to kill you.  Prepare to run screaming.

Love the miniskirts in this one, but I'm not so sure how I feel about the furniture.  I wonder how comfortable that apolstered barrel is. I guess if they run out of alcohol, they could just lift up the seat.

Three's a crowd.

I apologize if I've used some of these photos in previous posts.  I've posted so much crap, that I sometimes forget what I have and haven't used.  Anyway, I'm trying to get a vibe on this one.  It would seem Miss Miniskirt is making faces at the man in blue... and the man in blue likee.  Her beau seems nonplussed....  he better not leave them two alone for long.

It would appear we've made a wrong turn and landed smack dab in the 1980s.  Let's leave before they notice we're here.

cheers... to miniskirts!

I know I've shared this one with you before.  It's so incredible, from the fashions to the decor, that it simply deserves another look.  I think we should all take a moment of silence and just take this one in.

Attack of the Headbands!!! 1983

Attack of the headbands! This image isn't one of mine, but the owner of this picture (the girl on the left) had this to say on Flickr "I wore it and had the nerve to smile out in public. I didn't even have the sense to feel any shame." 

Well, that's all for today.  Till next time!

Lollipops & Alcohol


  1. Barrel chairs were all the rage. If a bar or rumpus room was dark, had some wrought iron somewhere, and maybe some red velvet wallpaper, it's a good bet there were some barrel chairs or smaller barrel bar stools in the room.

  2. I have an old barrel with a lid that I use as a table. never used one as a chair though.