Obscure Grooves #8

Now that it seems imminent that big corporations will finally get a stranglehold on the Internet (i.e. Google + Verizon) and begin censoring, blocking, or slowing sites they don't like, I wonder if there will always be such an amazing selection of out-of-print albums to download. Indeed, the Wild, Wild West is about to become a well manicured suburb, if the government doesn't step up and stifle.... and I'm not holding my breath for that to happen.

Anyway, let's gather rosebuds while we may. One of my favorite things to do is meander around the Internets and downloading albums that you can't readily find on Amazon, iTunes or Rapsody. Every once and a while you land on a gem. To keep my sanity at work, I keep these in constant rotation in my office.

I'm currently enjoying the psychedelic sounds of Kaleidoscope.  I may be the only office in North America playing their songs, but, hopefully, you'll be joining me in that endeavour.

The best way to describe their music is by comparison: picture Syd Barrett fronting Small Faces, with a dash of Kasabian.  An amazing album IMHO.  This song is the title track: "Faintly Blowing" (1969)

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This next one is from a  porno called Summer School (1979).  Admittedly, I thought all 70s porno soundtracks went something like "boom shicka shicka mmbow bow", and couldn't imagine them actually ending up on vinyl.  Not so.

In fact, I've downloaded quite a few and have to admit some of them are very listenable.  You'd never know you were listening to porn music.  This one is called "Heavy Lift" and it's pretty funky.  Gilligan like.

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Last up is Jenson Interceptor - not the sports car, the Canadian pomp rock band. This album is about as generic as it gets, yet I can't help but like it....I think it's okay to be predictable sometimes.  One thing that's not typical is that the two ladies on the cover are not just there for eye candy - they're actually in the band.  Yes, Jenson Interceptor featured both female and male vocals.

The song "Crazy Monkey" is from their self titled 1980 release.  After this LP, the label experienced financial difficulties and the band had to switch and change their name to The Cosmetics.... suffice it say, they just weren't the same, and they faded into obscurity.


  1. i remember kaleidoscope so i guess
    i'm dating myself. ;)

  2. What a cool visit this has been -- thanks!


  3. Great listening, indeed, Gilligan !

    Kaleidoscope (UK) is one of my favorite psych groups. I just get lost inside my Koss Pro 4AA eargoggles listening to their albums. "A Story from Tom Bitz" is one of their songs that's eerily very near and dear to me.

    The Move, Ultimate Spinach, Love, and scores of others are on the heavy rotation list.

    We have a record cabinet in the hall closet that's uncategorized. Every now and then I'll grab an LP from each compartment and go with the flow.

    This time around I'll be listening to :
    1) Music For Films III - Brian Eno and others; nice ambient sounds that seem to go well on this rainy August afternoon
    2) Triangle - The Beau Brummels; part of that "hayseed" psychedelia that was in the air at the time. The Everly Bros' Roots album and Bee Gees' Odessa are good companions to this one.
    3)Fat Mattress II - Noel Redding's second offering sans the JHE. Hard to choose which is my favorite Fat Mattress album... right now it'll be this one ( the cover alone would make a great T-shirt).
    4)Meditation - Eberhard Schoener ; Uh-oh, more ambient vibes again.... This will require some Buddy Miles with the amps cranked to 11 to get back to baseline.

  4. What a righteous groove! I'd love to hear that whole SUmmer School LP.
    Where ever did you find it?

  5. Kaleidoscope still gets a regular work out here. In fact I have just converted my 3 albums to MP3.

  6. Grammar Police here: 'Every once IN a while' not 'Every once AND a while'. kthanxbye.

  7. Waaaaaaitaminnit!! That porno movie stars Lisa Kamala Loring? Lisa...Loring?? Little Wednesday Addams?!?!?!

    As Lurch would put it: "Ehhhhhh!!!"

  8. I totally agree with you..kaleidoscope is a really good listen... now if I could just download the entire album! haha.. and this porn music is pretty good too... How do I get a copy of the soundtrack???? I like old albums!

  9. Nope, you're not the only office in North America listening to Kaleidoscope (UK) ^^ Love them! And The Attack, Savage Ressurection, The Blossom Toes, The Misunderstood.. :)