Still Waiting for the DVD #5: VHS

VHS Mosaic

We can all sit around and celebrate the wealth of choices available on DVD that were heretofore unavailable.  Indeed, Netflix offers us tens of thousands of titles that were all but lost.  But before we get too overjoyed, let's remember there's a lot of movies that actually were released on VHS that still have yet to make it to DVD.

Truth be told, the DVD revolution wasn't exactly a tidal wave of titles from yesteryear; more like a ripple. Many ended up stalled in the courtroom or were released, but with horrible picture quality.  And now, many insiders in the business say that the variety of titles are actually going to start diminishing.  In other words, the selection of movies is going to actually get narrower rather than wider! 

The good news is, once we've all moved passed the DVD/Blu-Ray, and start watching everything via the Internet, the selection will rise exponentially.  There's no overhead in manufacturing the discs and shipping them.  Companies can offer obscure niche titles and only have the cost of buying the rights..... which shouldn't be too much of an expense for B-movie titles. The big complaint from distributors is that, as soon as they buy the rights and invest in marketing, producing, and shipping, the damn thing has already been ripped and widely available in a torrent somewhere. 

Looking through old VHS box art, it became quickly apparent that there are A LOT of titles still awaiting my prophesied streaming revolution. I've compiled a random selection of them to give you an idea of the breadth of titles long gone, bot, hopefully, not forever lost. I've looked each one of these up on Amazon to double check that they are indeed still unavailable, but there may be a few that are for sale by small independent sellers.  Also, there may be a few that were available for a time, but have since been cut loose.

I'll also add that many of these probably aren't worth watching, let alone purchasing.  But still, it's the principle of the thing. We like to think that, in this Information Age, everything has been digitized.  But this couldn't be farther from the truth.  Here's some movies released on VHS that you can't find on Amazon.(images of the first 12 are at the top of this post)

The Video Dead (1987)
Savage Attraction (1983) AKA Hostage: The Christine Maresch Story
Witches' Brew (1980)
Get Crazy (1983)
Death Spa (1988)
Tammy and the T Rex (1994)
Buford's Beach Bunnies (1993)
Killer Party (1986)
Gimme an F (1985)
What Waits Below (1984)
Sno-Line (1986)
10 Speed (1986)

VHS Mosaic

Wimps (1986)
Princess Academy (1987)
The Underachievers (1987)
Survival Run (1981)
Blood Beach (1980)
Sweet Revenge (1987)
If You Don't Stop It... You'll Go Blind (1975)
World Gone Wild (1988)
Purple People Eater (1988)
The Check is in the Mail (1986)

VHS Mosaic

The Great Skycopter Rescue (1978)
Safari 3000 (1982)
Happy Birthday Gemini (1980)
Satan's Blade (1984)
Mistress of the Apes (1979)
Firecracker (1981)
Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype (1980)
Monster and the Stripper (1968) AKA The Exotic Ones
Dead Mate (1988)

BTW: If you notice a perponderance of 80s films and are wondering where all the 60s and 70s films, not to worry.  In the next installment I will be using drive-in theater ads featuring movies not out onf DVD.  Stay tuned.


  1. Every time I hear someone say Netflix has "Everything" I think, "There's someone who doesn't watch anything more than 10 year old. Otherwise they would know that's not true."


  2. All I've got to say is "The Boogens."

  3. Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype was the first movie I saw on the old Elvira TV show. They must have re-run that about 50 times.

  4. I will not be at peace until someone releases the Tom Matheson classic "Up the creek" on DVD.

  5. …that would be Tim, not Tom.

  6. "So Fine" with Ryan O'Neal, and Jack Warden. Have a ratty old VHS copy, but that's it.

  7. I have been waiting for "Chu Chu and The Philly Flash" for what seems like eons.

  8. just to clarify, "The Monster And The Stripper" is definitely 60s and definitely deserves the dvd treatment. it's sort of the Cajun version of Ray Dennis Steckler's "Incredibly Strange Creatures"!

  9. @Tim Butler You can watch the Boogens on Youtube ,though.

  10. I'm still waiting for "Pray for the Wildcats" - 1974. Advertising. Motorcycles. Baja. Murder. William Shatner. Robert Reed. Marjoe Gortner. Andy Griffith.

    Oh, and how about A Gathering of Eagles from 1963 while they're at it.

  11. I totally miss the actual "artwork" that these boxes used. Sometimes it is better than the crap on the tape! Also, still being a video store employee, I can attest that we had 3/4 of all the tapes in this post! I am thankful I grabbed most of these old vhs tapes when we sold all of ours off, like "Boogens" and "Up The Creek". There's just something about vhs compared to dvd, kinda like my love for vinyl compared to cd.

  12. There are some clips of Pray for the Wildcats on Youtube.

    It use to be you could at least find a lot of old movies like that on there, but they seem to disappear as time goes by.

    Has anyone the Warner Brothers Archive online?

    I found it a while back - and I am thinking of buying the following:

    The Girl in the Empty Grave
    Deadly Game
    Winter Kill
    Planet Earth
    Strange New World
    Genesis II

    I watched The Starlost on Youtube last winter.

  13. This is why I will never relinquish my VHS tape player. Lovely post. Makes me miss the days of mom & pop video stores & trying movies where the lurid box art was better than the movie itself.

  14. Well coming from someone who still listens to 8track tapes, it is no surprise that I still have my VCR and many movies on tape...and it doesn't look like I'll be getting rid of them anytime soon, especially after reading this post.

  15. omg...this is a treasure trove. I want ALL of them!

  16. I'm a HUGE fan of classic VHS cover art, so if anyone is interested in a trip down VHS memory lane, check this out:


    They cover both the large and smaller video companies of the time, and if you click on any of the company logos, it brings you a photo gallery of their covers. I spent 90% of my time at the video store in the horror isle, and so many of these photos brought back memories of those cover images.

  17. I need a copy of Buford's Beach Bunnies! And I'm not talking about a DVD port of the VHS copy. I mean the good uncut version that aired on Showtime years ago. See the VHS version cut like 20 minutes of some of the funniest stuff in the film! Underrated fun.

    "Scud has found you working in House of WHORE!"

  18. Unlike your old vinyl record collection , those VHS tapes you stored away in the back of your closet aren't going to see a resurgence in popularity. There are no videophiles extolling the superior experience and fidelity of these analog tapes. No, VHS is a dying medium that fully deserves to be put in its grave. Convert Video Tape to DVD