Vintage Men's Mags #7: A Look at Lui

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Lui ("Him" in French) was a popular adult magazine in France throughout the 60s and into the 80s.  The U.S. rights to the magazine were bought by Playboy in 1972, and the name was changed to Oui (meaning "yes").  This was done in an effort to compete with the more hardcore magazines, namely Penthouse. In other words, Playboy would remain the "classy" men's magazine, while the new Oui would give Larry Flynt and Bob Guccione a run for their money.

The plan ultimately failed becuase Playboy never could bring itself to publish the hard stuff, even under a different name. By the early eighties, Oui was sold off and lasted a few more years under a different company. The French version, didn't fare much better.

This collection of Lui covers (129 total) contain no nudity and should be SFW.  They're not particularly good covers, in that they have no real artistic merit; however, they're pretty interesting as pop culture artifacts (plus, the ladies are definitely easy on the eyes). I've included basically all the covers from the 1960s, but by 1971, the magazine starting throwing nudity on their covers, and I had to be selective about which ones I choose.

Why no nekid ones? I like to keep things in the PG-13 range here, and believe it or not, there are some people that get extremely upset when they see a nipple or an ass crack.... go figure. Anyway, you can download them via rapidshare HERE.


  1. Wow. I'd completely forgotten about this magazine. My older brother somehow got a copy of it back in the early 80s, when we were maybe 12 and 14, and I scoured every page of it. If I recall correctly it had a story by Bukowski in it, as well as a photo spread from a nude beauty pageant.

  2. Oh, I remember Oui. I didn't know how to pronounce it for many years after I'd seen the mag. In fact, the were probably our of business by the time I found out.


  3. Terrific...thanks for offering these!