Vintage Style #15

Get ready Retrospace readers - this gallery of regretable fashion is not for the squeamish. All these images feature couples, young and old, rich and poor, but all sharing one thing in common - a horrible sense of style.  Of course, once upon a time, they were every bit the fashion plates - it is only with the lens of hindsight that we can point fingers and mock.

So, on with the gallery of couples from the 70s and 80s.  Prepare to mock!

Fashion Plates

This next picture just exudes eighties.... and not in a good way. I remember well those shiny silver suits with the sleeves rolled up.  Somehow, they looked good on Robert Downey, Jr. and Andrew McCarthy - but the look was not for everyone... especially if you look like the dude in the picture below. Although, the shiny silver does go perfectly with his date's gold Wonder Woman belt.

Le Chic

Any textbook on the 70s should contain this next picture. Better yet, this should be the cover for any textbook on the 70s.  Indeed, if your child asks you, "Mommy, daddy... what were the seventies like?", I want you to just show this picture and walk away.

Life in the 70s

It's really a travesty that Roxette's "The Look" doesn't start playing the minute you set eyes on this next picture. Well, hum it to yourself, maybe. It needs to be heard right now.... this picture demands it.

80s fashion

Say what you want about the seventies sense of style, but at least the shorts actually lived up their name.  In all honesty, I'm getting a little tired of the long shorts look - maybe going back to the shorty shorts wouldn't be such a bad thing.

When shorts lived up to their name

A quick message to all those who’ve left comments wondering why I’m being harsh on 70s fashions and d├ęcor. “Where’s the love?” you’ve asked. “Why am I bringing the hate?”

Here’s the deal: I love the 1970s – I write about it every single day, and have done so for over two full years. But that doesn’t mean that I put it on a pedestal or beyond reproach. In fact, I quite often laugh at the styles – but it’s not done out of mean spiritedness. Quite the contrary.

To those commentors, I say lighten up. You can still love the 70s and make fun of it at the same time. Give it a try – you’ll probably learn to love the 70s even more.

"After you, m'lady"

I can tell you I had this exact shirt, and I can about guarantee I wore similar pants with it.  One thing I didn't have back then, however, was a hot little Rollergirl hanging all over me.

Roller Girl

All my life I have wondered who is the coolest, smoothest, most badass man to have ever walked the planet earth.  I wonder no longer.... 

The Stud

Polyester - the official fabric of the seventies.

Fashion 1975

I've never been a big fan of the sweater tied over the shoulders look.  It always sort of seemed a bit pretentious and fruity.  However, I must say, the godawful decor in this room completely overshadows his attire.  Let's see, there's a strange poster that reads "all dressed up and nowhere to go", hideous wallpaper that is an exact match to the pillows, accented by a couple black bulbous objects (what the hell are they?). I could go on.

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  1. Truly awesome fashions indeed. I've worn at least half of them in my life.

  2. I am always amazed when I look at an era's fashion.

    They really thought this was "stylish"?

    Or was this some cosmic joke?

    Great post. And I agree with your "Picture of the decade." When I think of the 70s THAT is how I picture it.

  3. "In all honesty, I'm getting a little tired of the long shorts look - maybe going back to the shorty shorts wouldn't be such a bad thing."

    You obviously haven't been on a college campus this semester. The shorts are a short as I ever seen them in my life. There were a few short shorts last spring, but this fall... BANG!!! Even the almost retired woman I work with mentioned it to me. (Probably caught me gawking) She says they are shorter than the 1970s.

  4. I must agree...that dude in the bathrobe with the pipe is totally badass!

  5. I still dress like the guy in the red shirt in the third picture. What does that say about me?

  6. I don't think you can base 70s fashions on old porn mags...

  7. Chaka - It says you're awesome.

    Lacey- Answer: Cosmic Joke. When you get to the afterlife, you'll get it.

    Robert - Nope. Haven't been on a college campus in a while.... does this apply to both females AND males?

  8. I think those black things in the last picture are clip on lamps.

  9. Men's shorts these days are ridiculously long. Why even wear them if they go past your knees? They're stupid. I can no longer find stylish comfortable shorts (read, gym shorts). if the stupid jocks would just go back to wearing basketball shorts from the '70s and earlier, then the rest of the lemmings would follow and we'd be able to buy something that looked good.

    Yeah, long shorts piss me off. The baggy cargo shorts that reach halfway down the calf. The idiotic, silky, floppy basketball shorts that are now past the knee. They should be shot.

  10. There's only one thing that can be said about the 70s.

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  11. Gil, I was talking about women's shorts. I would not like men's shorts being that short.

  12. The black objects in the last picture could be the monolith thing from the cover of Led Zeppelin's "Presense", but multiplied.
    The "Polyester: the official fabric of the seventies" made me LOL...'cuz its true :P

  13. I can almost smell the 70's looking at those photos. The green mini skirt ensemble from the 80's really cracked me up because I remember WEARING an outfit almost exactly like it.

    Not to be crude here, but another thing occured to me looking at her in that little green top... you don't see factory original breasts very often anymore.

  14. The top pic, the guy in the plaid leisure suit and cowboy boots...is that Matthew Broderick?

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  16. I just bought a book entitled, "Fashion of the 70s." On the cover is a very hairy dude sporting nothing but a pair of tight undies with a backgammon game board printed on them. A female hand is putting discs on the "board." With advertising like that, how can you not love the 70s?

  17. actually that is not Matt Broderick, its porn star David Morris. There are several porn stars in this fashion segment

  18. Le papier peint is so terrrrific ! ;)