Decade of Decadence #6: The 70s Stud

look who's dropped by

I'd like to introduce to you the mascot of The Decade of Decadence.

Yeah, that's him in the middle.  There were a million guys like him in the 70s.  Shirts unbottoned, gold chains a-dangling, generous amount of chest hair, tight pants, perfect hair helmet, and the obligatory facial hair.  The quintessential 70s stud has become a bit of a fool today, the type of guy you'd dress up as for a joke at a Halloween or 70s party.  But back then, he was the real deal.

This guy was into two things: recreational drug use and one night stands.  He's sort of an X rated version of Larry on Three's Company.  Put him on the show and he'll have Janet, Chrissy, Lonna, AND Terri making sweet love in the bedroom... all at the same time..... then head to the Regal Beagle for some more action, and maybe a few lines of cocaine.  The 70s stud don't play.

What happened to these guys? They were everywhere you looked, once upon a time.  Perhaps, they're like the Elves in the Lord of the Rings - they couldn't handle the modern world so they sailed away.  The 70s stud could never adapt to the politically correct times we live in.... he'd last five minutes in the modern workplace before he'd flunk the drug test and be fired for sexual harrassment. 

Yes, the 70s studs have all sailed from the Grey Havens to the Undying Lands, and we are all worse off without them.


  1. I miss those 70s studs with their shiny shirts unbuttoned and layers of gold chains on their hairy chests.

  2. LOL - love this post. I hate to say this, but perhaps they all caught AIDS in the 80s and perished from the disease.

  3. Maybe they retired to an Old Studs Home, still dressed the same with less hair only more wrinkly ..?

  4. I'm convinced the hair is gonna come back, if not the helmet or beard, at least the chest hair. A few weeks ago when I was swimming with a couple friends I got teased about needing some manscaping--for chrissakes, I am tired of manscaping! By the way, in 1979 my first job was as a busboy in a steakhouse/bar--our host Denny WAS THIS STUD. He had perfect feathered hair and always wore tight black pants, an ice-blue shirt buttoned halfway down & a big gold medallion in his chest hair. FYI, the female bar patrons HUNG all over him.

  5. Hey!

    That's the principal at my child's school!!!!!

    Nah, just kidding.

    But they do look like every guy I ever saw in a "70s" movie.

  6. When I was a kid in the seventies I totally saw myself being like the dudes in these pictures when I grew up.

  7. Bwa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! You are a TERRIFIC writer! Studs sailing away! It's true though whatever happened to all these guys? They shaved their heads and became real tough!
    Thanks for a great site and keep up the good work.