Let's Get Physical #6: Stationary Bike-O-Rama

Was there a house without one of these things in the 1970s? I wonder if anyone actually rode them.  My parents had a stationary bike in their bedroom my whole childhood, but I'm not sure if anyone got on it once.  It was a useful place to hang laundry, but not a very inspiring piece of exercise equipment.

The stationary bike actually was invented in the mid 1700s, but it was the successive waves of fitness mania that swept this country during the 60s, 70s and 80s that landed millions of these things into our homes.

You're asking yourself, "A whole post on stationary bikes? Really?". Hey, we cover the whole enchilada at Retrospace. In fact, there's nothing I'd like more than a gallery of exercycles from yesteryear. Bring it.

Old School Workout

Yeeeowwch!! Better wear a cup when on this contraption - that stationary bike looks painful!

This is amusing looking.  It almost looks as if she's powering the starboard engine! (thanks to compound eye for that observation).

Why they felt they needed the stationary bikes to have an actual inflatable tire with spokes is beyond me.  I love how this model thought to wear the bedazzled hip scarf for the occasion.

Who would'a thought a stationary bike could be a chick magnet, but here's proof. Or maybe it's those striped tube socks that the babes find irresistable.

Get ready for a calvalcade of catalog babes on vintage exercycles.... damn, I hate the term "exercycles", and I hate "stationary bike" as well.  Let's lay a little Gap Band/Snoop Dogg lingo on it and try again...

Get ready for a calvalcade of catalog babes on exizzle bizzles!







  1. Third picture up from the bottom: $4.99 for a Jug-O-Amphetamines. Can't beat that!

  2. Oh my! I have that exact model bike (as shown in the top and the stewardess photo) in my garage. My mom bought it from the neighbor's garage sale and it's been in our house ever since. My kids love to play on the bike, they each pick a side, stick both feet onto one pedal, and go up and down like they are on a carousel!

  3. Great memories. We used to have one of those. They were horrible. Some of those models look more like an ironing board than a bike.

  4. My mom has had the gold/copper one with the spoked wheel forever. I wonder if she ever wore out the brake pads.

  5. Now you see those machines at yard sales. $5.

  6. We never had one. I don't think we had a single piece of exercise equipment in my house.

  7. My grandmother had one of those and actually rode it.

    What cracks me up is the women in leotards and tights. That seems so uncomfortable.

  8. AnonymousJuly 12, 2012

    We just acquired a Walton Dynamic Cycle that is a very heavy beast. Would love to know how old this relic is. Haven't been able to find info on it. Looks like a "large dog" our daughter says. :)