Needlework A Go-Go #9

Vot.Tricot 1972_152(1)

I think this translates from the French to something like "Your Knitting Store".  Whatever the English meaning, Votre Magazine Tricot is an awesome little fashion artifact from the 1970s.  I've got scans from the 1971 and 1972 issues for your viewing enjoyment.  There literally is no end to the print materials produced during the 60s and 70s on needlework.... but Retrospace aims to cover them all, one pamphlet at a time.

All the images below are relatively small, so as to not overheat your CPU; just click on each one to enlarge.


  1. Magazine means "magazine". "Store" is magasin.

  2. ... nevertheless... nice post Gilligan. Knitting season coming up soon...

  3. Yep, "Magazine", same as in english, or same as in french!
    Great post and scans again.
    Chek out on my blog. I've scans pages of "Pour vous madame" and I have some more magazines to come!
    (post is in french, but you can use the Translate button on the right)