Tech #7: Frankie Goes to Hollywood: The Video Game

Frankie Goes to Hollywood: The Video Game

Look what I found while checking out the September 1985 issue of ZZAP 64 magazine.  They actually released a Frankie Goes to Hollywood video game! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw it.

What must this game have involved? For the soundtrack, did it play a midi version of "Relax"? Did they seem as flamboyantly gay in CGA? So many questions...

Fortunately, there was additional advertisements to fill in the gaps.

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Apparently, you are living in a "mundane" world and must reach the Pleasuredome (which was FGTH's album title).  Reading the description, I found it mildly amusing the writer chose to use the words "sticky buns" in a Frankie Goes to Hollywood advert.



  1. I had this on a "hits" compilation. It was a truly terrible game, really awful. Horrific mangling of FGTH in the background, turgid gameplay... the biggest challenge was to stay awake while playing!

  2. All you need to know about the FGTH game - http://www.cracked.com/article_18634_the-5-most-absurd-video-games-starring-rock-stars.html