The Retrospace Dictionary

Geriatric Bypass: The act of denying your actual age in order to give others the impression that you are younger.

Back in day, there were only a handful of slang terms you had to master to get by. Sayings like "do me a solid" and "don't be such a spaz" only made sense once you got hip to the relatively few buzz words of the day.  Of course there was the incredibly complex CB language and the so-called "jive" lingo; but your average joe didn't need to worry about mastering these dialects to function.

With the advent of the internet and social networking as well as texting, the slang index has grown exponentially.  To help us old fogies keep up with the times (even if its marginal at best), I've decided to post some new words of the day with corresponding vintage images.  Why the pictures? Well, as the world renown program, The Rosetta Stone, has shown - an unfamiliar term is a lot easier to remember when it's associated with a familiar image. So here goes.

Tanorexia: A disease like anorexia, no matter how tan a person is they never think they are tan enough.

Folicular Homicide - To get a disaterous hair style

HBIC : Acronym for Head Bitch in Charge

A creepy and uncannily aggressive specimen, often male, who consistently mistakes his "disgusting hands, lack of tact and disrespectful jokes" for "charm". Additionally, he doesn't EVER get the hint to go away.

(Note: Depending on if the readers like this one, I'll do more dictionary posts as a regular feature).


  1. love the pics and the porn moustache on the perv

  2. "Folicular Homicide"

    That has made my day!

  3. I'd certainly like to see more - though truth be told I enjoy pretty much everything you post here.

  4. Those were very funny (and true). I'm guessing George Hamilton is the spokesman for Tanorexia.

  5. Awesome stuff as usual. I'm jealous (but grateful) you share this killer porthole into pop culture past. Say, any chance you'd be willing to send me the raw image of the ass-grabbing plane perv for a 'What Sort of Man Reads Paco Camino?' Love to play with that one..

  6. Happy to oblige, Paco. Here's the link to the unadulterated image.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4953242212/

  7. thank you for the stylish and fun website.

    I'm not joking when I say that I went to a psychologist once and told her that my only big problem was I grew up watching the soaps with my mom in the late sixties and early seventies and that life seemed so stylish and easy on the soaps (i.e. seventies offices with carpet on the walls,) and that real life was a lot harder and a lot less stylish.
    The psychologist said that she had grown up watching soaps in the sixties and seventies with her mom and that she had the same damn problem and that she couldn't help me.
    She further said that you can't go to a psychologist who has the same damn problem as you do.