Magazines #11: Co-Ed Magazine 1968

Co-Ed Magazine January 1968_0001

Here's some scans from the January 1968 issue of Co-Ed Magazine. It was basically geared toward female college students with articles on fashion, dorm decorating, cooking and relationship advice.  Nothing ever gets too risqué - no sexually explicit columns like you get in Cosmo these days.  Very little is mentioned about academics either, which is a bit surprising considering the magazine is called Co-Ed and published by Scholastic Magazines........ but then, when you see pieces like the one below, it becomes more understandable.

Look at the amazing career opportunities for women - you can be a secretary or a stewardess!

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Co-Ed Magazine January 1968_0011

Co-Ed Magazine January 1968_0002

Co-Ed Magazine January 1968_0003

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Co-Ed Magazine January 1968_0010

Note: I did a quick Google search for "Co-Ed Magazine" and nearly every link is for some site that is in no way related to this magazine whatsoever.  It's evidently very popular, and it looks like an online Maxim; not the sort of thing I'm interested in. I would've liked to have learned a little bit about this magazine, but it was not meant to be.


  1. I am betting the specific demographic of this magazine was young women looking to get their MRS degree, not a career.

  2. Cute mod styles. Well, by 1968 mod was waning a bit, but still...

  3. I found a few other covers looking for * "Co-Ed Magazine" 1970s * and * "Co-Ed Magazine" 1960s * and a few sites talking about interviews or models from the magazine, but no real info.

  4. AnonymousMay 23, 2012

    I came across a "Co-ed magazine 1975 in a storage box in my attic. I loved receiving this magazines. A year subscription was $1.95 for a teacher. Wow!

  5. My sister had a whole bunch of these when I was young. I look at them because they had info on the then current music and pictures of cute girls.

    I feel your pain on trying to research this. I was hoping to find an article I remember from one issue on the Bosstown Sound. Mainly all you find is the current "Lad magazine" version and this post. I remember this one's cover.

  6. I remember this magazine from high school... we were able to subscribe to it through our home ec teacher. 1966-1969.

    1. AnonymousJune 11, 2016

      II used to have them in my High School year 1970s wished this would come back.

  7. I loved this magazine! Does it no longer exist? It was a high point of high school for me :)