Artful Conception #11: Tentacles!

Note: These posts used to be called "Vintage Themes", but it confused and bothered people so I changed it mid-2012; people are probably even more bothered now.

The current woman and tentacle phenomenon in Japan is a tad disturbing, but they are hardly the only ones with a strange fascination for the chick-tentacle combo.  Vintage comics and movie posters are littered with this theme, and it doesn't take a degree in cognitive psychology to see the sexual subtext.  And it's not just in the print media - anyone who's seen Galaxy of Terror can attest to that.

What's striking is the sheer number of times this imagery has been used.  I've put together a couple of mosaics with about 50 or so examples. If you recall any movies or other examples, please share. Don't forget to click on the images to enlarge. Enjoy!


  1. Heh, cool! Thanks for that. I wonder if I still have the menacing black octopus that came with my G.I. Joe deep sea diving set.

  2. I collect these vintage radio ads, and the first one that came to mind was, you guessed it, "Tentacles."

    Check it out. I think it would be the perfect audio companion to this post:

    Cool stuff, as always.

  3. Well, I must say,

    nothing Freudian about THESE covers.

    No-sir-ee Bob.

    All straight forward representations of an essential story plot point.

    NOTHING questionable here.

    Just move along folks.

    (Another great post)

  4. Fantastic post! And in tha second collage of images, third column, third row - I have that Isis comic!

  5. Thanks, Rockin Jeff - I put the radio ad in the post. Awesome.

  6. Its a common misconception that Japanese "tentacle porn" is somehow a new thing. In fact, it dates at least as far back as the mid 1800s.

  7. Chad - True that. I'd also heard it became repopularized due to Japanese censorship, where male anatomy was strictly verboten, but somehow a tentacle was okay.