Bad Songs #10: The Face from Outer Space

Jeff Barry is one of the greatest songwriters and producers in pop music history.  Barry and his wife Greenwhich wrote dozens of hits for other artists including "Chapel of Love" and "Leader of the Pack" as well as "Then He Kissed Me", "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Baby, I Love You".  He introduced the world to Neil Diamond and wrote the theme songs to "The Jeffersons", "One Day at a Time" and "Family Ties".

Given all that, how in the wide world of sports did he manage to record the painfully awful novelty song "The Face from Outer Space"? I understand horror themed novelty songs were big back in the day (i.e. Monster Mash, Purple People Eater, etc.), but, Good Lord, this is terrible. 

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  1. Couldn't even make it to the 2nd chorus..ugh!
    or should I say:
    Cooooooooooodddeeeeeennnnnnnttttt mayyayayayayaayayake it towwowowowwowowo th--You get the idea.

  2. LOL!! I must respectfully disagree here, I really enjoyed this! Made me laugh a coupla times too--compared to some of those other 60s novelty Monster Mash songs, this one was a funky little space gem!

    This shoulda been on your Halloween mix-tape, my Lord... :)

  3. Damn. That was horrible. What a tragic waste of the human spirit.

  4. If you're 10 years old in the early/mid '60s and want to annoy your parents, this'll do the trick. I'm at the end of the song as I type this and I'm starting to giggle. Yeah, I'm diggin' it.

  5. The chorus is grating after awhile, but I've heard much worse than this. No more annoying than the Mummy by Rod McKuen.

  6. I loved this song when I was younger and it brought back memories. It's not something I would sit around and listen to now, but it was good to hear it again. I found the 45 in some really cheap cut-outs in a Sears store in Gary, IN around 1965 or so. I recall having seen it performed on TV a few years prior to that and it caught my attention immediately since I was really into the novelty songs like that.

    Thanks for putting this one up. I've been trying to find it for quite some time.

    Tossing It Out

  7. We did a dance for this song. It's for a Dutch kids show called Villa Achterwerk: http://weblogs.vpro.nl/iedereenkandansen/2011/09/22/iedereen-kan-dansen-face-outerspace/

  8. I have been trying to find this for years. Can you help. Thanks for the info!