Retrospace Mix Tape #3: The Ultimate Halloween Mega Mix

I'm pretty proud of this Halloween compilation, folks  Yeah, I know, the last time I tried a mix tape Rapidshare shut me down.  Well, I made mix tapes for my girlfriends in high school, and I'll continue to keep the flame alive and make mix tapes for my loyal readers!  You just can't keep a mix taper down.

Anyway, I actually took some time with this one.  I think it would sound good at a party, but it might also be cool to just listen to in the car.  Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy this selection of horror themed tracks.  I think you'll find they're diverse enough to keep your attention.  Happy Halloween!

Track List

Various ArtistsCreature Feature
Lovebug StarskiAmytiville
Movie AdvertI Was A Teenage Werewolf
Kip TylerShe's My Witch
Ethel EnnisMad Monster Party
Richard BandThe House On Sorority Row - Main Title
Gene MossCarry Me Back To Transylvania
Franco MicalizziI Due Volti Della Paura
Steve JablonskyJump Rope (Nightmare on Elm St.)
The Hamburger BrothersOmar The Vampire
Movie AdvertThe Haunted Strangler
The B-52'sDevil In My Car
Phantasm Motion Picture Phantasm theme
Fred AstaireMe And The Ghost Upstairs
The Exorcist Motion Picture Halloween Remix - Exorcist Theme
Bill BuchananThe Night Before Halloween
John CarpenterPrince of Darkness
Cliff RichardDevil Woman
Count Floyd (Joe Flaherty)Treat You Like A Lady
Richard BandRe-Animator
Daevid AllenStoned Innocent Frankenstein
Cab CallowayThe Ghost Of Smokey Joe
Jerry GoldsmithAve Satani (The Omen SDTRK)
Something Wicked This Way ComesBarry Adamson
Movie AdvertThe Mummy
Harry RobinsonThe Vampire Lovers
Big Bee KornegayAt the House of Frankenstein
Elvira, Mistress of the DarkZombie Stomp
Ennio MorriconeDespair (The Thing SDTRK)
Steve JablonskyMain Title - Nightmare on Elm St.
Twilight Zone SDTRKThe Twilight Zone '85 Main Title
Movie AdvertThe Astro Zombies
Christine PilzerDracula
John CarpenterThe Fog (main Theme)
Archie BleyerThe Rockin' Ghost
John CarpenterWake Up - They Live SDTRK
RedboneThe Witch Queen Of New Orleans
The Del-VikingsThe Voodoo Man
John CarpenterHalloween SDTRK theme
Lou ChaneyMonster Holiday
Ennio MorriconeCosa Avete Fatto A Solange
Movie AdvertI Was A Teenage Frankenstein/ Blood Of Dracula
CaravanCthlu Thlu
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh PrinceNightmare on My Street
Billy TaylorWombie Zombie
Bing CrosbyThe Headless Horseman
Wendy CarlosMain Title - The Shining
Gary WarrenWerewolf
Movie AdvertHorror Of Dracula
Screaming Lord SutchJack the Ripper
Lambert, Hendricks & RossHalloween Spooks
Jerry GoldsmithCarol Ann's Theme (Poltergeist)
The DamnedGrimly Fiendish
WhodiniHaunted House of Rock
Jerry GoldsmithThe Altar (The Omen SDTRK)
Dickie GoodmanHorror Movies
Various ArtistsThe Day The Earth Stood Still
Movie AdvertThe She Creature/ It Counquered The World
Dave GardnerMad Witch
Boots WalkerThey're Here
Carlos Casal, Jr.Don't Meet Mr. Frankenstein
Lord Dent and His InvadersWolf Call
Richard BandRe-Animator Theme Reprise
The CrystalsFrankenstein Twist
Bert ConvyThe Monster Hop


  1. Phew - that is some selection. I'll swap you for mine , and I don't think we've got much crossover either.

  2. this is fabulous. thank you!

  3. Thanks for the positive words. I just got done listening to it myself here at work. Maybe I'm just OCD, but a few things bothered me.

    The very first effing track cuts off abruptly, and The Exorcist theme is not the one I intended to put on here - it's the Oldenfield tune, but with some (annoying) Halloween sound effects interspersed. Also, Omar the Vampire is a whole lot more annoying than I remembered.

    But, you're of course free to delete as many tracks as you like for your own Halloween playlist.

    Thanks again for the encouraging feedback!

  4. Very cool stuff. Thanks for this.

  5. great mix! listened to it this mornin and will be listening to it in my car this halloween season :) THANK YOU

  6. Of course there are things that bother you! You're a mix taper, so like the rest of us you will constantly obsess. :-) great mix. I used to do one of these a year. I got up to Volume 4 before I stopped. If you're interested I'll send them to ya. I just have to find a way to post em. Most of your movie adverts made it onto my first volume. Great stuff.

  7. Could this be re-uploaded somewhere? I would be most appreciative if that could happen.

  8. Do you have another download link? thanks!