The Vintage Home #8

Time for another look at those homes of the seventies.  So easy to make fun of, yet secretly admire.  I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little tired of the current trends in home design and decor.  Watch the Home and Garden channel for a couple minutes and you'll quickly see the gold standard in 2010 homes: an open floor plan, no wallpaper, a garden tub, a double sink in the bathroom, a walk-in closet, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, blah, blah, blah, blah.... I'd go on, but I'm falling asleep just talking about it.  Say what you want about the 70s sense of taste - it was at least interesting!

One thing that has gone completely out of vogue is wallpaper.  In the 70s, not only was it popular, it was  loud and obnoxious. Check out the wallpaper in this classy pad!   The fireworks exploding outside can't compete with this wallpaper - you hardly notice them amid the floor to ceiling flora.

This one is an all time classic.  The focal point of the room is a toilet seat! Even worse, it serves as a picture frame of the kids! I understand the people of the seventies were extremely environmentally conscious, but this seems a bit extreme.  Seems like this could have been recycled in another way.


Once upon a time, every home had the "off limits living room".  The room where no kids were allowed to play, and no one dared eat or even pass through with shoes on.  Often, the furniture was covered in plastic, so when you sat on it, you'd instantly sweat and stick to it.  Thankfully, the plastic was removed when guests arrived.... usually.

Can't say enough good things about this little sneak peak into the livingroom of the seventies.  Not sure what Napoleon Dynamite is selling to these cougars, but it looks like they're buying. 


  1. Oh, gorgeous. Multitudinous kudos to the Retrospace...these rooms are lurid and luxurious and homey and homely. Can never get enough.

    And I didn't realize it until this post, but you're right - wallpaper...is....GONE.

    My dad had a small video(tape) production business in the 70s - office in the basement of one of those grotesque cardboxy late 60s buildings. (70s interior design = lovely shivers; 70s industrial architecture = claustrophobic despair.)

    I recall sitting there endless afternoons after school paging through wallpaper sample books that had been left in a waste pile by some anonymous co-enterprise. Oh, the designs: huge flowery blobs, lush paisleys, stripes for the assertive, and the ever-lovin' metallics which I used as smudgy mirrors.

    Yes, our apartment did have metallic wallpaper. There is photographic proof.

    What price a resurrected memory? Thank you.

  2. Wallpaper is making a comeback, I swear. I've been seeing more often in many of the design blogs. Seems like people are using it more on an accent wall rather than plastering the whole room with it though. If I was a homeowner and not currently a renter I would totally put up some groovy wallpaper.

    Wallpaper of the 70s is one of my favorite sites...it has some amazing choices. Here is the site: http://www.wallpaperfromthe70s.com/

  3. Er, the blonde woman in the denim shorts in the third photo, she's playing with herself, right? Man, the '70s were *crazy*.

  4. Yes, so much more interesting than today. Wallpaper has never went out in my world. Our living room at home was where we celebrated Christmas :) otherwise we were in the "family room."

  5. Great post, and so true about wallpaper! Funny how it all seemed perfectly normal back then. Who knew???

  6. Oh, I remember the Off Limits Living Room. I knew I'd truly become and adult when I came back to visit some older couple after I'd gotten married and we all sat in the Off Limits Living Room.

  7. !!! This should've had one of those 'Not Safe for Office' warnings at the top, I busted out laughing in my neutral colored 21st century cubicle reading Gilligans prose here--the Office Snitch almost caught me in the 1970s again. Sigh! :)

  8. PS. I love how the girl is sitting in the photo with the toilet seat on the wall--it reminds me of my grandpap!

  9. I absolutely LOVE the the toilet seat photo! But there's so moche more to love in that picture, the shag carpet AND shag sofa cover, the poster of a nude chick on the wall (very 70's) and just the easy going ambiance of the whole scene. Makes me wish I was there.

  10. Hey, it's John Holmes! He's gonna make a 'sale' ...

  11. Last photo: thats a brick of coke hes showing her.

  12. nooo, sorry to disagree this time. unfortunately wallpapers are alive and kicking. big, bold and nauseating, they are back to torture us once more...

  13. My aunt's boss had an office with one wall carpeted with shag carpet.
    He also had a bar and some tasty secretaries in miniskirts.
    He ran a twenty auto dealerships.
    Also a lovely man.
    A similar office is the grail that keeps me going.
    .... too speak nothing of the cool offices that many businesspeople had on the soaps.
    My mother had the soaps blaring from 1965 ti 1976 non-stop.
    Messed me up. I told this to the psychiatrist, but she said she had the same damn problem: she grew up watching the soaps with her mom, and she found that life just isn't as stylish as in the soaps.
    And she said that you can't go to a psychiatrist who has the same godddman problems as you do.

    Thanks for the groovy treat that is this website.
    I have spent several enjoyable nights here.
    Thank You,,, Thank You

  14. Plop...Plop... KERRRRrrplunkiplunkplunk!! PFFFT! Hiss! FFFFPPPpppppplump!!